The single “Something New” by Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps explores the bittersweet realization that love alone may not be sufficient to sustain a relationship, emphasizing the importance of compatibility and shared values. It delves into the complexities of human connections, depicting the difficult decision to let go and move forward for personal growth and new experiences.

Tom Tikka, formerly a member of the Sony/BMG band Carmen Gray and the FBP-signed The Impersonators, embarked on a solo career in 2020 as Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps. Since then, he has released two highly acclaimed albums titled “This Is My Happy Face” and “Better Man.” The former album achieved international success with two chart-topping hits, namely “Doormat” and “With Eyes Closed.” The latter album featured the hit song “I’m Done With Blues,” which reached the impressive position of #2 on the charts, as well as “By 2022,” which peaked at #14.

Tom Tikka’s talent and achievements have garnered attention from various notable publications, including the Huffington Post’s Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Melody Maker Magazine, Ballroom Blitz, The Hollywood Digest, and VENTS Magazine, among others. Furthermore, his music videos have been recognized and awarded at film festivals worldwide. In recognition of his musical prowess, Tom Tikka has received two ISSA Awards and has been nominated for the Josie Music Awards and the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Additionally, he has achieved numerous semifinalist and finalist positions in international songwriting competitions, further solidifying his reputation as a skilled songwriter.

Tom Tikka is known for his swift pace, matching the tempo of his songs. In May 2022, he composed “Something New” while in Estonia. Just a month later, in June, he recorded the track in Finland, and by August, he was in Italy shooting the music video for it. Continuing his whirlwind journey, Tom Tikka traveled to Spain in October to craft melodies for his upcoming album, “Rainbows & Dead Flowers.” After a brief Christmas break, he embarked on a vacation to Argentina. Now, he has returned and is fully engaged in promoting his latest single, released under the label Minds Behind the Music.

People’s perceptions of music are altered by Tom Tikka & the Missing Hubcaps. Here is something irreplaceable in a time when machines are on the verge of taking over. Tom Tikka is back with another soulful composition, his poetry moving and his music transcending boundaries. “Something New” is his most recent single.

“Something New” achieved remarkable success even before its official release. On June 3, 2023, the song reached its peak position at #6 on the MPE Play radio charts, solidifying its popularity. Surpassing expectations, it made a splash on June 16, 2023, by entering the prestigious UK Top 100 Rock Singles Chart at an impressive #4. This early triumph is a testament to the song’s undeniable appeal, establishing it as a bona fide hit single even prior to its official debut.

“Something New” captures the poignant realization of a heartbreaking moment when one recognizes the necessity of parting ways with a beloved individual. The song beautifully illustrates the notion that love alone cannot sustain a relationship. It serves as a powerful testament to the importance of compatibility, highlighting the significance of shared values and understanding in fostering a lasting connection.

With his compositional approach, Tom Tikka & the Missing Hubcaps take us back in time. It sounds like something you’d dance the waltz to, and it is a ballad with flowing strings. While empathetic currents and symphonies create a whirlpool, Tom Tikka’s voice is still kept in the foreground. Instead of replicating the orchestra’s drums, they still borrow ideas and components from electronic beats. Few people are able to successfully combine the old and the new, but Tom Tikka does so admirably. It would fit in any Disney film where talented singers have displayed their endearingly straightforward side that stirs up drama and emotion. Even young children can cry because it is so simple and sweet.

Through a beautiful blending of sophisticated orchestration and Tom Tikka’s rich voice, “Something New” slowly reveals its poignant narrative. A tinge of nostalgia is evoked by the piano-driven tune, which is reminiscent of bygone masterpieces. However, Tom Tikka deftly blends a current and fresh twist into the song, bridging the gap between the past and the present. The end effect is a compelling sound that is both comforting and energizing.

“Something New” examines the agonizing realization that sometimes love alone is not enough to maintain a connection, drawing inspiration from the difficulties of relationships. Insightful lyrics by Tom Tikka lyrically express the complexities of human relationships and serve as a reminder that idealized ideas of love and fairy tales frequently fall short in the real world. The song resonates with those who have had to make the challenging decision to move on because it is set within this emotional terrain.

Every note of “Something New” is filled with sincerity and honesty, allowing the listener to go on a soul-stirring trip. The deep feelings in the lyrics are effortlessly expressed by Tom Tikka’s engaging vocals, inspiring empathy and comprehension. A wide spectrum of listeners can relate to the tune because of its contemplative nature, which builds a bridge between introspection and common experiences.

Together with his producer, Janne Saksa, Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps have created a magnificent work of music that stands out in the congested music scene of today. The song “Something New” by Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps provides a touching and reflective counterpoint to an industry that frequently celebrates the successes of new love. This single creates a lasting impression on the listener with its delicate yet alluring soft rock sound, reminding us that sometimes letting go is necessary for growth. Your life is defined by new relationships, not your previous ones.

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