“Better Now” is the ninth studio album by Sound Liberation, led by Gene Pritsker, and it defies traditional genre labels by fusing a diverse range of influences into a dynamic and boundary-breaking sound. The album showcases the band’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries, offering a unique and organic listening experience that blends jazz, neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop, and classical elements to create a rich and captivating fusion.

Sound Liberation defies rigid musical categories with their 9th studio album, “Better Now,” led by visionary Gene Pritsker. Breaking free from traditional genre labels, the album presents a fusion of influences, showcasing a diverse and dynamic sound that transcends boundaries. Recorded over two years in various locations and studios, “Better Now,” released on June 2, 2023, is a labor of love, offering audiences a unique and organic listening experience.

“Better Now Album’s” Tracklist 

• Quarantine Blues 

• Time Does Not Bring Relief 

• Outside 

• Better Now 

• Path

• No I’m Not Allowed To Touch The World 

• Unreachable Light- From Sadness Expensive Prayer 

• The Difference Unhappiness 

• I’m On A Lucky Streak With You

• Vivaldi’s Hot House 

The album, released via Composers Concordance Records, opens with the captivating “Quarantine Blues,” a jazz-infused track that immediately grabs attention with its infectious rhythm, intricate guitar lines, and the vibrant trumpet leads from Franz Hackl. With this energizing composition, Sound Liberation sets the stage for their astounding musical talent and variety. Their instrumental jam creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, drawing listeners into their eclectic world.

Following suit, “Time Does Not Bring Relief” introduces a shimmering neo-soul sound, beautifully showcasing the vocal talents of Adriana Valdés and David Banks in a stunning duet. This song serves as a testament to the band’s ability to seamlessly blend different styles, intertwining breathtaking instrumentation with soulful melodies. It’s a compelling composition that resonates deeply with the listener.

Transitioning further, “Outside” takes on a smooth alternative R&B approach, where David Banks leads the way with his laid-back vocals. The song’s piano-driven composition creates a tranquil and laid-back mood, and the soft melodies and deep musical tapestry give the track depth and richness. This standout moment exemplifies the band’s ability to create diverse and captivating music.

Taking an unexpected turn, Sound Liberation ventures into a hip-hop-inflected sound with “Better Now.” Gene Pritsker steps into the role of rapper, delivering impactful verses that inject a burst of energy and edge into the album. This track highlights the band’s versatility and their fearless exploration of different genres, solidifying their dedication to pushing musical boundaries.

The album continues to surprise with “Unreachable Light – From Sadness Expensive Prayer,” an elegant instrumental piece driven by softly snapping drums and a flawless fusion of trumpet and guitar. The song’s evocative sound evokes a sense of contemplation and emotion, showcasing Sound Liberation’s ability to create profound and immersive musical experiences.

As the album reaches its conclusion, “Vivaldi’s Hot House” emerges as a remarkable crossover of jazz and classical music. With the exceptional abilities of Lara St. John on violin, Gene Pritsker on guitar, Wayne Dumaine on trumpet, Colin Brookes on viola, Grace Ho on cello, Melissa Slocum on bass, and David Rozenblatt on drums, Sound Liberation transforms a classic work through their distinctive sonic lens. The result is an epic and mesmerizing composition that effortlessly blends different musical worlds, exemplifying the band’s ability to create captivating and harmonious fusions.

Overall, “Better Now” is a brilliant illustration of Sound Liberation’s dedication to challenging musical conventions and producing a rich and varied listening experience. The album’s blending of genres, from soul to hip-hop to classical, is evidence of their commitment to dismantling conventions and venturing into uncharted sonic realms. Sound Liberation has created a compelling album that leaves a deep impression on the listener thanks to their superb musicianship and creative approach.

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