Originating from the lively music community on the outskirts of London, VELOUR FOG is a strong British rock band consisting of four members, gaining recognition as the UK’s response to the latest rock movement. Since being established in 2020, they have been delivering a delightful combination of hard-hitting riffs, fast guitar solos, and strong vocals that urge fans to headbang in sync. Frontman Jake leads the band with his speedy fingers and energizing vocals, while drummer Moose, rhythm guitarist Marshall (also known as ‘Herculez’), and bassist Naois, whose skateboard skills are as impressive as his bass playing, complete the lineup.

Currently working with renowned Rock Music Producer Nick Tauber, who is famous for his collaborations with Thin Lizzy and Def Leppard, VELOUR FOG is rejuvenating the rock genre for the upcoming decade with their distinctive blend of rock music. Their music, inspired by the legends of the 80s and 90s, guarantees a modernized genre that is both innovative and reminiscent of the past.


VELOUR FOG enters the music industry with a blend of nostalgia and innovation in their sound. Their most recent track, “Glue,” which came out on April 5th, 2024, serves as evidence of this dual nature. After their previous single “Dopehead,” the band’s new release “Glue” continues to demonstrate their developing sound. Created by the skilled Jake Adams and co-produced by the legendary rock music producer Nick Tauber, “Glue” is a song that guarantees to remain in the minds of listeners well beyond the initial listen.

The central element of “Glue” is a catchy riff that is both captivating and strong. It acts as the foundation of the song, with all other components centered around it. This guitar riff pays tribute to the legends from the ‘80s and ‘90s, but it strives to be more than just a replica of the past, instead it emerges as a new and lively influence in the current music scene. The song establishes a powerful atmosphere with its captivating guitar melodies. It is clear right away that Jake is a skilled lead guitarist, as his fingers swiftly move along the fretboard to produce intricate and unforgettable riffs. These riffs form the foundation of the song, crafting a musical landscape that is both complex and potent.

Moose on drums, delivering a stellar performance on “Glue,” supports Jake’s guitar work. The powerful drumbeats propel the track with an unwavering energy that captivates listeners throughout. Moose’s rhythmic patterns perfectly complement Jake’s guitar riffs, resulting in a captivating synergy between the two. As a team, they create a rhythmic base that allows the rest of the band to stand out.

Apart from the guitar and drums, the bass contributions on “Glue” by Naois bring added depth to the song. His bass lines are detailed and tuneful, intricately blending with the guitar riffs and drumbeats in a precise manner. Naois demonstrates his musical expertise through his bass playing, skillfully juggling the task of providing a solid foundation for the rhythm section while also incorporating his own distinctive style into the music.

A highlight of “Glue” is Jake’s singing. His singing is lively and powerful, throbbing with a vitality that mirrors the fierceness of the music. Jake’s singing style brings depth to the song, as his strong vocals rise above the music. The singing acts as the heart of the song, captivating listeners and holding their attention throughout.


The track “Glue” is further enhanced by its production quality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each instrument has space to express itself, with a well-balanced mix that highlights each element. The song was finalized at Metropolis, providing an extra level of sheen to the overall audio. VELOUR FOG’s dedication to providing top-notch music is evident in the production quality, setting their music apart in the current music scene.

One standout feature of “Glue” is the band’s talent in effortlessly combining a variety of musical influences to create a unified and engaging sound. Rather than following the crowd, VELOUR FOG develops a distinct sound, blending rock music innovation with respect for past legends. The combination of genres demonstrates the band’s inventiveness and musical talent, highlighting their skills as artists.

To sum up, “Glue” is an engaging and lively masterpiece that highlights VELOUR FOG’s skill as musicians and their talent for pushing the limits of rock music. The combination of the entrancing guitar solos with the intense drumming, the lively singing with the complex bass melodies, all combine to produce an unforgettable auditory journey. “Glue” is essential for both rock fans and those new to the genre. Therefore, I recommend you listen to this song; you won’t regret it!

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