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Cynthia Hamar, a Métis singer-songwriter from Alberta, has recently returned to the spotlight with her fourth album, “Joint & Marrow,” which was released on September 23, 2022, by Neon Moon Records. On November 18, 2022Hamar released a nostalgic music video for the highlight track “Where Your Love Lives” following the successful release of the album. The roots, blues, and folk-influenced performance exudes a heartland aesthetic that thrives in the song’s relatively simple arrangement. “Where Your Love Lives” builds subtly and softly, with a simple acoustic and piano melody anchoring and holding the entire arrangement in place as Hamar gradually grows her voice and performance into the tune with a measured and evocative swagger.


The vocal harmonies in the chorus, “Where Your Love Lives,” which she sang in delectably high falsetto notes, give the song a great close that you can get lost in. Bringing out the emotion and theme of a place, of a space, and what home truly means to each of us as a place where love is at its most powerful and pure.

The song “Where Your Love Lives” was written and performed by Hamar and Chris Andrew. The track features the sonic results of a prepared piano technique in which paper is placed in the piano body’s strings and the piano body is used for unique percussive sounds throughout.

The Nick Cave-inspired track evokes bittersweet feelings of bygone eras, which are only heightened by the music video’s film collage of VHS home videos. Korban Hamar directed the video, which was edited by Jessica Lowe and featured personal footage of Hamar and her family from years ago. Hamar discusses the inspiration for the track and the process of creating it.

Where Your Love Lives” took some time for Cynthia Harmar to write. She initially began experimenting with the idea of what it felt like to find your way home—what home even is. She recently had a nervous breakdown after her niece sent her some old photos of her children, who are now 22, 21, and 20 years old, and she immediately felt a longing for a home from the past. She still has a home, but it seems different now, and “empty nesting” is a wonderful experience.


Empty nesting” is also a kind of home rediscovery. Home is “Where your love lives,” according to Hamar, who wrote it as a love song for her husband. This can refer to a variety of things other than intimate relationships. She believes that this concept triggered the nostalgic longings for home, that our love lived there, in those moments of time, and that is what made it home.

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