Atomic Bronco Releases His New Remarkable Indie Rock Single

Atomic Bronco’s “Fly Away” is a dark and moody indie rock song with a steadily chosen acoustic guitar, a throbbing yet mournful rhythm section, and low, layered, and sparse vocals that suggest anxiety. The words of the song express a desire to flee a terrible environment or relationship.

Atomic Bronco is an indie/alt-rock band that hails from Austin, Texas, and London, United Kingdom. Atomic Bronco is a project created by producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss that combines an intriguing array of indie, alternative, garage rock, lo-fi, and classic rock genres. Atomic Bronco is a one-man rock band that began in London and now makes guitar-driven music in his Austin studio.

The 24th of February saw the release of “Fly Away,” Atomic Bronco’s first single of 2023. It is a dark and almost brooding indie rock song with very understated vocals. The song builds on the popularity of Atomic Bronco’s previous singles “Get You Off My Mind” and “Foolish Games” from late 2022 and offers a preview of his upcoming releases’ style.

Atomic Bronco
Atomic Bronco

A warm, picked acoustic guitar introduces “Fly Away,” which sets the scene and promotes relaxation in the listener. The guitar picking pattern is kept up as the vocals enter the mix, along with bass and drums. Behind a steady picked acoustic riff, it has a pulsing yet melancholy rhythm section. There may be more going on than the lyrics suggest because of the relaxed vocals, which convey unease. A warm guitar solo completes the retro-inspired production of “Fly Away,” which is full of ear-catching details.

Low, layered, and sparse vocals are used. As the lyrics come and go, the song just washes over you because of their calmness. Here, the style is clearly influenced by the 1960s. With each instrument taking up its own space in the mix, it is clear and punchy. A strong foundation for the rest of the song is provided by the drums, which are especially impressive due to their well-balanced sound in the stereo field. The finishing touch is the subtly overdriven tone of the guitar as the solo begins at the end.

The song’s production, which combines elements of soft alt-rock with the temperament of an overdriven electric guitar, is what I would describe as pleasant, soothing, and easy to listen to. It would sound equally at home in a somber song like this one as it would in a Slash solo. While still revolving around the main theme, the mix has space, subtle trickery, and some delayed vocals, which keep everything cohesive and enjoyable to listen to.

From beginning to end, “Fly Away” is a true gem that is both retro-inspired and distinctly modern. I’m overjoyed to have learned about Atomic Bronco. I’m sure you will be, too!

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