Rebecca Sichon announces her new R&B single, “Together”

“Together,” a new R&B single birthed from true emotions by Rebecca Sichon

Together was written about conquering my fears with love and appreciating the beauty of accomplishing things with my partner. “It was born out of a late-night, emotional studio session,” says Rebecca Sichon. Rebecca Sichon began singing at a young age, belting out “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” for campers at age five. She is originally from Mission, British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. She began piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music when she was seven years old. When fellow Missionite Carly Rae Jepson of “Call Me Maybe” stopped by the school to do a performance when Rebecca was in elementary school, Carly gave Rebecca some professional advice. “Just keep doing it,” Carly counseled Rebecca, who was eight years old at the time. Rebecca had acquired her own musical interests by the age of 12 and was self-taught on the guitar and ukulele. 

Rebecca Sichon "Together" Photo credits: Rebecca Wednesday
Rebecca Sichon “Together” Photo credits: Rebecca Wednesday

Rebecca Sichon, the 21-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter who was in her twenties when she created the song, delivers it with a profound sophistication belying her years while maintaining true to her love of modern R&B, soul, and cinematic pop. The singer, who speaks fluent French and Russian like her Ukrainian parents, adds that she grew up listening to jazz and classical music in her home while growing up with parents who constantly kept the radio on the French station. “I got an iPod after that and extended my exposure to R&B.” That powerful, dramatic sound was wonderful. Her early favorites were Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and H.E.R. 

“Together” is sure to win over fans of romance, tenderness, and alluring R&B songs thanks to an attractive music video that goes along with the release and a well-thought-out advertising strategy. Together is available across all streaming services. The video debuts on November 25, 2022

Credits go to the following for their various contributions to the success of this project :

Rebecca Sichon (writing, composition, and voice performance).

Mat Trewhit ( production, mixing)

Caveman Masters  (Mastering)

Benjamin Renert  (Bass instrument)

Boris Sichon  (Woodwind and Percussion)

Rebecca Wednesday (Photography)

Daniel Dekleer (Cover art design)

Ariana Roach (Director and Editor of Music Visuals)

Mu (Production Assistance)

Sarina Tayler (hair and make-up artist)

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