“Borderline” a song of hope to the hopeless by IRYS


IRYS  has emerged as one of the most fascinating new dark pop performers in recent years. Her Berlin-based work is recognized for its dismal mood and captivating melodies. IRYS’ unique style and remarkable songwriting ability have garnered her admirers and critics alike. IRYS is distinguished by her bold approach to music. She isn’t hesitant to experiment with different sounds and genres, and her music reflects that. Her tracks are dark and somber while nevertheless being catchy and addictive. IRYS is a growing sensation in contrast to well-known performers such as Lana Del Rey and Charli XCX.

IRYS is a musician to keep an eye on since she is a cutting-edge and new voice in the mainstream music industry. In her bedroom, IRYS writes, records, and produces all of her music on her own, using a wholly do-it-yourself method. The multi-talented artist made the switch from writing songs on an acoustic guitar to producing in a short amount of time, adding rhythms and electronic noises to the mix and giving her compositions a unique soundtrack.

IRYS’s September 30th, 2022 single, Borderline, hooks listeners from the opening chords all the way through the outro. IRYS exhibits a fresh side that seems to fit perfectly, with a more retro-styled character than in earlier versions. Each new album sees the multifaceted artist’s style develop, and it never fails to dazzle. The captivating, hushed vocals of IRYS, the gorgeous guitar riffs, and the catchy melody make this song a genuine gem.

Intriguing and inspiring, the lyrics of “Borderline” are another appealing aspect. Despite the melancholy of the lyrics, there is a spirit of optimism and fortitude throughout. IRYS did a fantastic job making this song; she understood just how to make it stand out from the competition so that listeners would come back for more. If you want mesmerizing, gloomy music that will stay with you long after the initial listen, give “Borderline” a try.

According to IRYS, the title of her latest single, “Borderline,” represents a condition that, in my perspective, lives on the precipice between darkness and light. It’s about feeling unsteady as you try to escape a difficult circumstance, but it’s also about conquering challenges and improving yourself. It involves accepting the difficulty while retaining optimism. For everybody who is going through a challenging period, this song was composed!

The perfect blend of palatable pop and experimental goth, IRYS makes music unlike anybody else at the moment and is poised to go viral soon! (André Salles, you! me! Dancing!)

“Her brilliantly dark vibe and ability to compose fantastic music have allowed the young musician to establish a blossoming audience in such a short time,” says one reviewer. (Rising Artists, Ciaran Coleman) 

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