The new SOUNDHOOSE single “Phobia” ‘is not a problem or illness.


Unapologetically announcing their personal revenge on mental warfare, SOUNDHOOSE“is an alternative rock band with pop-punk influences that is “cranking out rebellious songs” that dispel stigma and misunderstanding about a subject that has been neglected yet rages in each of us. Jeremy Bauer (bass), Paul Burns (drums), and lead singer “Mr. Bad Luck” make up this exciting Los Angeles-based trio.

By providing a secure environment where fans may openly express their fear and sadness and give up their solitude, Brandon Smith is bringing people together via music. In addition to being published in periodicals like LA Weekly, Highwire Magazines, WWAM, V13, Pancakes and Whiskey, and others, SOUNDHOOSE has played at some of the most renowned music venues in the world, including Whiskey A Go Go, The Viper Room, Molly Malone’s, Blackrose LA, and The Mint. In related news, in the fall of 2022, these rock icons will make their television debut on CBS’s Sounds of the Underground. 

The band’s courageous single, “Phobia,” which was released on November 18th, boldly declares that experiencing anxieties is “not a problem or an illness,” but rather a way of life and an integral part of being human. We are united in defeating our illogical concerns, and we erase them by having open dialogue, out loud, and among trustworthy friends, which is reinforced by the back-and-forth vocal play between band members in this alt-punk/metal classic.

The song opens with a funky alternative rock/post-punk guitar riff before switching to a powerful rock section that strongly reminds me of the music of the 2000s, particularly bands like Orgy and Nine Inch Nails. The song’s lyrics examine fear and paranoia-related topics, letting the composer’s unique and nearly cinematic creative vision loose. Before SOUNDHOOSEs debut album, “Craniotomy,” drops in early 2023, this will be the last song to help soothe the emotional turmoil.

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