“The Long Song of Mary Green” by Mariele Jankowski highlights the human yearning for eternal bliss and the art of letting go of that urge in order to appreciate the trip rather than the goal. The song recounts Mary Green’s life path as a story of love, grief, and hope.

Mariele Jankowski has been fascinated by and involved in music and storytelling since she was a youngster, having grown up in the verdant hills of the Bergische Land (“mountain country”) in the far west of Germany, surrounded by many traditions, stories, and songs. Several of her songs have been broadcast via Sam Lee’s Nest Collective’s “Singing with Nightingales” in April 2021 and 2022. She has supported Indie-Folk singer Fran Lusty, and she plays various live music venues in and around London, as well as in and around Cologne, Germany.

Due to Mariele Jankowski’s boredom in class during her first year of school, her parents recommended she take up an instrument as a way of keeping her mind active, which led to her playing the traverse flute. She also fell in love with “Old American” tap dance and the English language about the same time, learning both outside of school. She also learned to play the drums, piano, guitar, and banjo, some of which she performed on her own. She studied drama and musical theatre at the “Musical Arts Academy of the Performing Arts” in Mainz, Germany, after finishing her A-Levels, adding a wealth of fresh experiences to her already active stage career, and graduated successfully in 2020.

Lea May
Lea May

This is a story of hard work, desire, and a willingness to learn. Mariele Jankowski’s debut effort, a folk-flavored treasure with anthemic tones and epic tinges, is the culmination of years of musical practice and songwriting inquiry. “The Long Song of Mary Green,” which was released on March 3, 2023, is Mariele Jankowski’s best storytelling: the listener can trace her acquaintance with poems, novels, and popular tradition, allowing Mariele Jankowski to give interesting and meaningful songs steeped in culture and history.

“The Long Song of Mary Green” describes the human desire to achieve the ultimate goal of eternal happiness, the one thing that will offer pure bliss, after which the quest will come to an end. But like in life, the world continues to move, and it is the art of letting go of needing in order to submit and enjoy the trip rather than its conclusion. An exquisitely composed song, “The Long Song of Mary Green,” highlights the performer’s extraordinary vocal and songwriting abilities. The lovely melody that the acoustic guitar riffs produce establishes the mood for the entire song. The claps heard throughout the song add a distinct layer of rhythm and texture to the track, and the production quality is excellent.

Lea May
Lea May

Mariele Jankowski delivers an exceptional vocal performance, with a voice that captivates with its sense of passion and longing. With each new verse, the song’s humming chorus vocal gives it an ethereal quality that makes the listener’s heartbeat faster. The song has a lot of pace changes that flow smoothly from fast to slow and steady, maintaining a good balance throughout. The lyrics of the song describe Mary Green’s life as a tale of love, loss, and hope. Beautifully written lyrics by Jankowski depict Mary’s life’s journey with vivid imagery. The phrase “where true lovers meet” perfectly sums up the sentiment of the song, conjuring feelings of nostalgia and romance.

Finally, “The Long Song of Mary Green” may be described as a unique blend of medieval troubadour-style pieces and tap dancing enthusiasm that come together to produce a rather distinctive and creative offering while maintaining a timeless, accessible outlook. Perhaps a record for saloons or, if we still had them, sumptuous feasts in old European castles. This song is a must-listen for fans of folk music.

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