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“Borderline” a song of hope to the hopeless by IRYS

28 November 2022 “BORDERLINE” IRYS  has emerged as one of the most fascinating new dark pop performers in recent years. Her Berlin-based work is recognized for its dismal mood and captivating melodies. IRYS’ unique style and remarkable songwriting ability have garnered her admirers and critics alike. IRYS is distinguished by her bold approach to music. She…

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IRYS releases a new dark electronic pop single “Waiting Syndrome”

“Waiting Syndrome” by IRYS is a new dark electronic pop single that illustrates the suffering that IRYS faced as a result of a conflict between the two opposing voices in her head, a problem faced by many: a voice that supports and a voice that undermines. IRYS, a singer, songwriter, and producer from Berlin, has been hailed as one of the…

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