IRYS releases a new dark electronic pop single “Waiting Syndrome”

“Waiting Syndrome” by IRYS is a new dark electronic pop single that illustrates the suffering that IRYS faced as a result of a conflict between the two opposing voices in her head, a problem faced by many: a voice that supports and a voice that undermines.

IRYS, a singer, songwriter, and producer from Berlin, has been hailed as one of the most impressive dark pop newcomers globally. Her dark persona and talent for writing standout songs have won over both fans and critics. The rising starlet has been compared with well-known performers like Grimes, Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, and Poliça.

IRYS is constructing her own path; she makes her own style of dark, edgy electro-pop by blending indie electronica, neo-goth, and trip-hop elements with the rawness of the Berlin underground and irresistibly accessible pop hooks. She is a true DIY warrior in addition to having a powerful voice, and all of her songs were written, recorded, and produced in her bedroom. She is unmistakably producing music that sounds more expansive, demonstrating her artistic development and inventiveness with each new release.

 VI productions
VI productions

“Waiting Syndrome” is IRYS’s most recent single, released on December 11, 2022. IRYS has been singing in the choir and playing the guitar since she was a child. And by 2021, she had begun producing her own music.

“Waiting Syndrome” starts off with processed vocals and a haunting sonic backdrop. In the electropop-based arrangement, IRYS greets us with a compelling vocal performance. The chorus employs synth production to keep the spooky and haunting vibe alive and well. Synthesizers and electronic beats are used to create a moody and atmospheric soundscape. IRYS delivered an overall tight production! The haunting and emotive vocals fit the music perfectly, and she delivers each line with raw intensity and passion. While the song’s singing is beautiful, the lyrics are grim. Also, never undervalue the creative potential of someone with this kind of mind! Between the layers of electronic synths and drumming, the song also has a few distant and renowned vocal layers.

With great experimentation, one can hear influences from a darker The Weeknd and FKA Twigs here. The electronic beats and synths in the song add to the overall mood, creating a sense of tension and unease. This dark electronic pop song is a powerful and emotional listening experience that showcases IRYS’s vocal and songwriter abilities. The track is brooding and atmospheric, combining elements of electronic, pop, and industrial music to create a distinct and powerful sound.

The biggest supporter and occasional worst enemy of IRYS is her own thinking. There are times when she gives in to the negative voice in her head and sabotages her efforts. The main theme of the song “Waiting Syndrome” is the suffering that IRYS experiences as a result of a conflict between the two opposing voices in her head.

“Waiting Syndrome” is a 2.15-minute masterpiece that features an irresistible juxtaposition of IRYSs sultry voice and a grimy, low-end electronic instrumental. It’s a dark, catchy electronic pop song that evokes complex emotions. Please Go check out this Amazing latest release NOW!!.

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