Gary Dranow releases new classic rock single, “Destiny Road”

“Destiny Road” by Gary Dranow is a beautiful rock song inspired by a vivid dream Gary Dranow had in 1996, a song that is easy to relate to, with simple compositions and an enjoyable listening experience“

This is a comeback tale as well as a record. It is a story of resilience and a lesson in how things may still happen if you have faith in them and put up the effort necessary to reach your objectives. Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions are well acquainted with it. On December 3, 2022, the American blues-rock band Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions released “Destiny Road,” their most recent song, connecting with their past to find inspiration there. The song is a part of their upcoming album, “Destiny Road,” which will mark their significant comeback in the music industry.

The release of “Destiny Road” was initially scheduled for the summer of 1997 using the band’s vintage 2-inch, 16-track AMPEX recording equipment; however, the production was delayed due to the members’ personal issues. The Manic Emotions are now prepared to release the songs they have been working on for all these years after reconnecting with a new lineup. We can get a good taste of what’s to come with “Fool Outta Me” and “Twisted Minds.” “Fool Outta Me” is a hard-hitting pop rock song with a dreamy 80s-inspired quality, while “Twisted Minds” is a rock song with screeching guitar solos and a wailing keyboard. It has a musicality that is somewhere between Ozzy Osbourne and The Rolling Stones.

Prior to the full EP “Destiny Road” being released in early 2023, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions will release all tracks as singles.

Liz Dranow Photography
Liz Dranow Photography

Gary Dranow had already established himself as a great songwriter, but with “Destiny Road,” he managed to raise the bar even higher. His band is completely behind him, and the result is a one-of-a-kind emotional alchemy. Gary Dranow was inspired to write “Destiny Road” by a very vivid dream he had in 1996. He could see himself in a dream state in distant Emerald-colored hills. He met and fell in love with a world traveler in his dream, and when he awoke the following morning, he immediately started writing “Destiny Road.” He put his house in Manhattan Beach, California, up for sale on a whim in 1998, and it sold in one day. He then flew up to Park City, where he has been skiing every winter since 1970. But he’d never been there during the summer. He was taken to see about 20 homes for sale in Park City proper and surrounding areas like Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook Estates by a realtor who was a good friend of his from when he coached a ski race at Snow Summit, California.

It may appear amusing now, but he created an Excel spreadsheet to ultimately assist him in making an informed decision on which house to purchase. He fell in love with Pinebrook, primarily because of its abundance of aspens and pine trees, as well as its isolation from the hustle and bustle of Park City proper. It came down to two houses, and he chose a house on Stagecoach Drive in upper Pinebrook with the help of his handy spreadsheet. Dennis, a Realtor friend, arranged for the sellers and him to meet on Sunday afternoon. They agreed on a price. After both escrows closed, he moved in two months later.

Liz Dranow Photography
Liz Dranow Photography

Then, in 2003, one of his ski racing students was involved in a serious accident, and he was the first person on the scene to treat her injuries, which included a large cut over her eye that was bleeding profusely and an obviously broken nose that he had her reset on her own right there and then. They fell in love with each other in a short period of time. Around that time, he was in a downhill mountain bike accident in which he fractured his neck and suffered a concussion after colliding with a pine tree just off the trail. In any case, he had four vertebrae fused with a titanium plate and six screws as a result. When he awoke from the surgery, there was his current and forever wife by his side. For the 10 or so days he was in the hospital, she would come every day. They began dating soon after.

On January 3, 2005, they married. A little background on her, She had recently received her Ph.D. from the University of Utah. It turns out that she traveled all over the world with her parents as a child until she moved to Utah to attend college, where she received a full-ride scholarship. She lived in Saudi Arabia from the time she was 7 years old until she started prep school in the United States. She graduated first in her class and received numerous scholarship offers from colleges such as Georgetown. Fortunately for him, the University of Utah offered her the best academic package, and she already loved skiing, so she chose to attend the University of Utah, where she is now employed as the only biostatistician in the entire Cardiology Department. So there was his world traveler, and she was and is the love of his life, just as he had hoped. Everything in the dream came true.

Destiny Road” is a straight-up blues rock song that keeps you in the groove and provides some feel-good vibes with the underlying melodies and guitar work. It is a song that is easy to relate to, and the composition is simple, providing us with an enjoyable listening experience! It begins with a similar vibe to some of Deep Purple’s classic songs, with the drums, guitars, bass, and keyboards all kicking in with a bang! For the next few bars, a bluesy guitar prelude precedes the vocals. Gary Dranow‘s voice fits the composition perfectly and gives the song an appealing complexion. A wonderful acoustic melody complements the catchy vocals and backs them up beautifully. The acoustic melody is present throughout the track and serves as a canvas for the song’s painting.

The rhythm section in “Destiny Road” has some tasty elements, and if you listen closely, you can figure out the pockets where the beats fall, laying a solid foundation for the song’s groove. The guitar solos add even more beauty to the song. They’re gritty and brave, with traditional blues and classic rock tones. Surprisingly, the hard-hitting bends do not sound harsh but rather soothing to the ears. Not to mention, the sections where the guitars take center stage will undoubtedly make you headbang even as you dance to the music!

Overall, Gary Dranow’s song “Destiny Road” is one you should add to your playlist because you’ll undoubtedly keep playing it repeatedly.

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