“Cat’s Paw” by What Strange Beasts is an anthemic hard rock tune with a tinge of psychedelic influence. 

“What Strange Beast” is a quartet comprised of Alley C on guitar, Benjamin Ruby on keys and vocals, Jonathan Maxwell on drums and vocals, and Aaron Kremer on bass and vocals. Their first record, “The Maestro’s Tale,” was created after they got together after meeting at a performance at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall.

Their second album, the 26-track “Starlight’s Castaways,” which reflects on their personal experiences during the global pandemic, will be released on streaming services on February 3, 2023. It explores themes of distance, isolation, loss, hope, and joy. The album, which was immense in terms of time as a double LP, addresses the vastness of space. Basically, the group of friends who make up the band, which tackles serious topics like science, philosophy, and the human condition with a lot of emotion and a personal touch, get along like family. They are in perfect harmony musically and lyrically, and they are working together to control the sun’s heart. They combine a variety of styles and tastes to produce intricate harmonies and captivating instrumentation on each track.

The lead track, “Cat’s Paw,” from What Strange Beasts‘ upcoming album is an anthemic hard rock tune with a tinge of psychedelic influence. The song is chaotic and exciting right from the start thanks to the electric guitar and distinct drumming because the singer is able to keep a consistent delivery throughout the song, the lyrics flow, and the music’s tempo perfectly complements one another. Particularly memorable is the chorus, which makes it easy to picture yourself singing along with the band. The song’s many parts flow into one another naturally, with the change from the lyrics to the electric guitar solo occurring naturally. Each instrument plays a key role in the song, which has superb instrumentation overall. The song’s rhythmic foundation is provided by the drums, in particular, who also play in unison.

Don Gunn, the producer, produced and mixed the song “Cat’s Paw,” which he earlier recorded at Shoreline, Washington’s London Bridge Studios. Justin Perkins from Mystery Room Mastering handled the mastering of the song. You will receive a delightful art pop-rock treat with enough psychedelia and prog when listening to “Cat’s Paw,” thanks to these outstanding efforts. With “Cat’s Paw,” What Strange Beast offers a compact tune of visionary rock with groove and melody.

A peaceful, soothing, arpeggiated chord progression serves as the appropriate introduction to “Cat’s Paw,” which was released on November 18, 2022. But the group soon switches to driving chords adorned with tastefully arranged keyboard melodies. To acquire the correct lyrical flow and accurately convey the turmoil and exhilaration that the sound generated, they worked on Alley’s song idea for “Cat’s Paw” for a long time.

In conclusion, What Strange Beasts have produced a fantastic rock song that skillfully fuses psychedelia, hard rock, and anthemic choruses. The result is a thrilling piece of music that will keep listeners coming back for more.

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