Embark on an emotional journey with Dom Brinkley’s latest song, “Bad Wine.” The themes of human evolution, tenacity, and overcoming hurdles in relationships are explored in this soulful song’s enthralling melodies and moving lyrics. “Bad Wine” demonstrates the development of Dom Brinkley’s creativity and his boundless uniqueness. Get ready for a captivating fusion of magic based on folk and blues that will leave you wanting more!

Dom Brinkley, who debuted as a solo artist in early 2020, has quickly established himself in the thriving Melbourne, Australia, music scene. Dom is a singer-songwriter and guitarist with a love of adventure who has been on a busy creative journey over the past several years, captivating listeners with his psychedelic fusion of folk and blues-based songs.

Dom released his first solo EP, “Moonlight Dream,” in 2021. It contains a number of dreamy melodies and moving lyricism. The EP created a peaceful and freeform acoustic sound that mesmerized listeners by drawing inspiration from his ever-growing skill and reverence for the guitar. Nkechi Anele and Dave Ruby Howe from Triple J both praised the album’s standout tune, “Crying,” calling it magical and containing a hint of “hallucinogenic magic.”

Always eager to collaborate and push limits, Dom linked up with Mexican artist Jeronimo Sanchez in 2022 for the psychedelic folk project “(Until I Can’t) Go No More”. The outcome was a headphone-producing audio treat that demonstrated Dom’s willingness to explore various musical sound environments.

Dom didn’t stop at studio recordings; in 2022, he also put out a number of intriguing live recordings. Dom and his live band were on full display in the two-track release “Live and Well” and the full live album “Live at the Workers Club.” They expertly blended a rough-around-the-edges rock n’ roll sound with improvisations that were influenced by fusion, leaving listeners in amazement and craving more. Dom’s live performances and recorded releases have received a lot of attention and have been played on local Australian radio stations like PBS FM. His status as a force to be reckoned with in the Australian music scene has been cemented by his distinctive sound and dynamic stage presence.

On the release of his new single “Bad Wine”, with the release date of July 21st, 2023. “Bad Wine”, through its stirring lyrics and alluring instrumentals, explores themes of human development, resiliency, and overcoming obstacles in relationships. Jack Benfold and Dom worked together to co-produce the song, just as they did for Dom’s debut solo EP, “Moonlight Dream.

The song opens with a captivating blend of guitar strings that immediately draws the listener in. The gentle yet enchanting rhythm sets the tone for the emotional journey that Dom Brinkley is about to take us on. As the guitar sets the stage, the smooth sounds of the drums seamlessly join in, creating a hypnotic and soul-stirring atmosphere that perfectly complements Dom’s heartfelt vocals.

The opening lyric, “And when the world comes to turn you upside down, don’t lose yourself amongst the lonely crowd,” immediately establishes the theme of facing challenges and staying grounded in the face of adversity. These powerful words are accompanied by a melody that lingers in the mind, making the listener feel a strong emotional connection to the song’s message.

The song’s lyrics, “You’ll find the truth can twist and bend while they’re drinking bad wine with their fake friends,” serve as a motivating reminder that sincerity and authenticity will win out over flimsiness and phony relationships. The vocals of Dom add emotional depth to the lyrics’ already powerful message by exuding a combination of vulnerability and strength. Dom keeps exploring the complexities of relationships and self-discovery as the song goes on. The lyric “I’m going to pick you up; why are you feeling down? You say you just fear the ever-changing ground,” project a reassuring and upbeat tone, asking the listener not to be deterred by doubt and change.

An auditory environment that mimics the singer’s introspection is created by the instrumental accompaniment, which increases the emotional impact of the lyrics. Dom’s passionate vocals rise as the music builds, escorting the listener on an intense emotional and introspective trip.

The lyric, “I’m gonna go away, and when I get back some things are changing, yeah changing for me” is repeated several times in the song, underscoring the need to pause, take some time, and contemplate. It signals a turning point in the singer’s life as a proclamation of taking a much-needed sabbatical from the craziness of life to gather perspective and return stronger than ever. The difficulties and experiences they have encountered have prompted personal development and change, and these changes are having a positive impact on their lives.

Miles Thomas on bass, Matt Capuana on drums, and Gabriel Taburet on keyboards work together as a tight unit throughout the song’s instrumental arrangement to create a sonic tapestry that deepens the song’s emotional impact. The interaction of the instruments improves the groove and soulful feel of the song, resulting in an engaging aural experience. 

Natalie Jackson and Melissa Caccamo contribute exquisite harmonies to the song as backup singers, enhancing the emotional effect of the words. Their voices meld perfectly with Dom’s to further enhance the song’s engrossing quality.

The closing lyric, “Just remember that fear is your friend, and your lonely heart will surely mend,” leaves a deep impression on the listener. These lines serve as a reminder that fear may be a motivator for development and self-discovery, resulting in healing and personal transformation.

Bad Wine” is a stunning illustration of Dom Brinkley’s artistic development and openness to discovering new musical horizons. It demonstrates his versatility as a singer and songwriter, boldly embracing a funkier and more soulful approach to his music. “Bad Wine” is the first taste of Dom’s upcoming EP, which will be released later this year. Fans can look forward to an exciting journey as they wait impatiently for more of Dom’s soulful and sentimental music.

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