Proklaim Drops “Poppin”: Amapiano-Hip-Hop Fusion Reigns Supreme

In Windhoek, Namibia’s vibrant musical scene, Proklaim is a brilliant example of creativity and invention. Hip-hop, soul, and African rhythms were combined by Proklaim to create his own style, drawing inspiration from legendary musicians such as Wutang Clan, Tupac, Big Punisher, Lauryn Hill, and Nas. Proklaim’s motivation was to utilize his work to encourage change and his intense love of storytelling. His ability to write poetry and his unique style soon made him well-known, and he was featured on sites like MTV Base for his visually arresting stories and provocative images.

The wide range of inspirations and life events that have shaped Proklaim’s individuality are reflected in his music, which transcends boundaries and resists classification. Proklaim is dedicated to being real and has an acute sense of social commentary. He wants to question the existing quo and encourage people to think critically about the world. Proklaim is constantly pushing the frontiers of sound research because he is driven by a never-ending quest for perfection and wants to see hip-hop’s sonic approaches evolve. Using the raw intensity of hip-hop and the catchy energy of Amapiano, his most recent project, “Poppin,” is a daring journey into unexplored musical territory that produces a sound experience that is unmatched.

Just as the sun sets over Windhoek, a new sound that questions convention and the concept of genre itself rises from the depths of the city streets. The progressive message-driven hip-hop pioneer Proklaim debuted his most recent work, “Poppin,” to the public on February 18th, 2024. Come with me as we venture into the center of Windhoek, where the streets are alive with the energy of possibilities and the promise of the future. Allow “Poppin” to envelop you with its contagious vitality, and experience firsthand the transformational force of Proklaim’s musical vision. The monarch has returned, and armed with “Poppin,” he is prepared to rule the globe once more.

THE KING IS BACK!!!!!!!! Oh, I say THE KING IS BACK!!!! Just take a wild guess what Proklaim brought to the table this time, bosses. I’ll tell you either way: IT’S AMAPIANO HIP-HOP. Can you even begin to visualize this? Amapiano music and hip-hop music together in one track—oh, only one artist can do that—make it sound awesome and get away with it, and that’s the king of fusions, Proklaim, and he did this with his single “Poppin.” You know the energy and infectious vibes that the Amapiano beat brings, right? Yes, that energy infected me from the very first second; I totally lost control. Immediately I heard the sharker percussion sound together with the sustained synth-piano sounds mixed with the introductory log-drum sounds. Ahhhh, I was immersed without a second wasted in a world where Proklaim reigned supreme and “Poppin” was cruising by his side.

From the very beginning, Proklaim made his vocals blend and fuse perfectly to fit in with the amapiano feeling while still maintaining that hip-hop flow with his wording, lyricism, and style of delivery. The 0:17 timestamp marked the entrance of the deep resounding and shaking overwhelming sounds of the bass. It added depth and vibrance to the composition, and not just that, the full-on beauty of the log-drum was unleashed, creating the perfect amapiano, in fact the most complete and perfect amapiano sound I have ever heard. As the song progressed, I even heard the iconic amapiano “ye ee ye” with the female vocals and together with the hip-hop flow. Believe me, I almost ran mad at what Proklaim did. The 2:20 timestamp still brought the entrance of the iconic piano-synth sound that amapiano brings; yes, I heard it. All I can say is this: if you do not listen to this song, you can’t fully comprehend the level of creativity that Proklaim put into it.


“Poppin” by Proklaim delves into themes of urgency, authenticity, and the transformative power of money. The song’s line, “It’s been a minute that we’ve been here; I don’t waste any more days,” perfectly captures the idea of embracing the present and every opportunity. With this sentence, you’re expressing a sense of urgency and a resolve to seize possibilities quickly. “Put your money where your mouth is” emphasizes the significance of supporting statements with deeds and dedication, stressing the necessity of honesty and responsibility. The song’s lyrics, “See the way money makes some people start changing,” discuss the transformational power of riches and how achieving financial success can change people’s perspectives and actions. Through energetic beats and introspective lyrics, “Poppin” invites listeners to reflect on the pursuit of goals, the value of authenticity, and the impact of material wealth on personal identity and relationships.

The seamless combination of hip-hop flow and lyrics with Amapiano rhythm and beat is what, in my opinion, sets Proklaim’s “Poppin” apart and keeps it at the pinnacle of musical innovation. I have a strong emotional connection to this inventive blend, which goes beyond typical genre lines to produce a dynamic, engrossing listening experience that keeps my interest throughout. Amapiano’s contagious vitality and hip-hop’s raw intensity are combined by Proklaim to create a new sound that calls to me as a listener and displays not just how versatile he is as an artist but also how far he is willing to push the frontiers of aural experimentation.


Proklaim’s “Poppin” is proof of the limitless possibilities of creative vision and the timeless influence of musical invention. Aspiring musicians and music lovers alike can find inspiration in its blend of hip-hop and amapiano, which is upending musical conventions and changing the genre. I am excited about hip-hop’s future and the countless opportunities that lie ahead when I consider the trip that Proklaim has taken. Join me in celebrating the progression of hip-hop into unexplored territory as you allow yourself to get carried away by the contagious energy and thought-provoking storylines of Proklaim’s most recent masterpiece. The monarch is back, in fact, and “Poppin” has cemented his position as a trailblazing figure in modern music.

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