Drosz, a Bronx native singer, is the creative force behind the original single “Feel This Way.” Alongside his cousin, the talented RIC808, they form a dynamic musical duo that has been crafting their unique sound since 2006. Their journey into music began at a young age, thanks to the influence of an uncle with ties to the music industry.

Drosz and RIC808 draw inspiration from an eclectic range of musical genres, spanning from hip-hop and R&B to pop and house music. Their aspiration is to weave these diverse influences into their music, creating a signature sound that resonates with a broad audience.

One notable aspect of their journey is the recent loss of RIC808, who was not only Drosz’s cousin but also the producer of their music. RIC808’s passing earlier in the year adds a very deep sense of emotion to this track. Though he’s gone, he still left us with his music, which will forever hold a place in our hearts.

Drosz and RIC808 shared a common desire to share their creative work with the world. The songs being released are a testament to the artistry they cultivated together. Drosz, with deep admiration for RIC808’s production style and creativity, is committed to preserving and honoring his cousin’s legacy by showcasing their collaborative work.

Feel This Way” is an electrifying and multifaceted dance track that transcends the boundaries of conventional dance music. This original single, released on September 28th, 2023, is a testament to the creative genius of Drosz and RIC808, offering a mesmerizing blend of influences, emotions, and instrumental mastery.

The track begins by whisking the listener away to the vibrant neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, where the song was recorded. The choice of location imparts an energy and spirit that permeates every note of the composition. As the track unfolds, it becomes evident that Drosz and RIC808 have meticulously crafted a sonic journey that blends elements of EDM and house music with remarkable precision.

Astral flute nuances introduce the listener to a world of ethereal beauty, creating a hypnotic atmosphere. These delicate nuances are the first layer in the intricate tapestry of “Feel This Way.” Shortly after, a drum riff takes center stage, seamlessly guiding us into an EDM meets house hybrid beat. The beat is characterized by its uptempo groove and infectious rhythm, setting the stage for a danceable experience.

Instrumental mastery is evident throughout the track. The metallic synth elements add a futuristic and otherworldly quality, transporting the listener to a sonic realm that is both captivating and immersive. The layering of sounds and textures is executed with finesse, resulting in a track that is rich in depth and complexity.

Feel This Way” is not just an instrumental masterpiece; it’s a lyrical journey through the complexities of love and relationships. Drosz and RIC808 have crafted a song that celebrates the powerful emotions that come with being in love. The lyrics “You’re the one for me, yeah, yeah, all jokes to the side, here’s the key, you got to my heart” convey the intensity and sincerity of these emotions.

The song tells a story of profound connection and the unique feeling that a significant other can evoke. The artists have managed to capture the essence of love and translate it into poetic and relatable lyrics. These lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced the depths of love and the sense of being complete with someone special.

Feel This Way” is more than just a dance track; it’s a musical experience that evokes a wide range of emotions. The combination of the uplifting beat and heartfelt lyrics creates a sense of euphoria and connection with the music. The listener is taken on a journey where they can’t help but move, dance, and feel the music in their very core.

The track’s emotional depth is further enriched by the backstory of Drosz and RIC808. Their candid conversations about their own relationships, shared moments, and laughter while crafting the song provide an emotional layer to the music. It’s a touching reminder of the bond they shared and the genuine emotions that fueled their creative process.

One of the remarkable aspects of “Feel This Way” is the collaborative effort between Drosz and RIC808. While RIC808’s passing was a profound loss, his influence on the track is undeniable. The track’s production reflects his background as a DJ, and his ability to fuse various elements of club music into a cohesive, danceable composition.


Drosz’s contribution to the songwriting and his emotive vocal delivery enhance the overall impact of the track. The dynamic between the cousins is evident in the seamless flow of the song, with each element complementing the other to create a harmonious piece of music.

In summary, “Feel This Way” by Drosz and RIC808 is a masterful fusion of EDM and house elements, blended with emotive lyrics that celebrate love and relationships. The track showcases instrumental excellence and offers a multi-dimensional listening experience. It’s a danceable and emotionally resonant composition that reflects the deep connection between the artists and their dedication to their craft. “Feel This Way” is a must-listen for those who appreciate dance music with depth and soul. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this exceptional musical journey.

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