“Hollywood Lies” the latest pop single from Los Angeles

Reporting from Califonia, Los Angeles – “Hollywood Lies,” the newest evil pop hit from Pretty Ridiculous, is out now. The tune, which was inspired by Los Angeles’ bright and plastic elements, is a sharp criticism of the artificiality and materialism that afflict Hollywood. 

Sonically, “Hollywood lies” combines the hyperpop elements of “Mando Beat” with the ominous and menacing production of “Close Your Eyes,” creating a legendary mix that could only be produced by Stone, the frontman and music producer. With its intricate production and nuanced songwriting, “Hollywood Lies” proves that “Pretty Ridiculous is anything but ridiculous”. Engineer Justin Schturtz oversaw the single’s mastering after Randy Belcufine mixed it.

The corresponding music video, which features a new character from the Pretty Ridiculous Universe, was released on Halloween, October 31, 2022. The satire of the City of Angels seen in the single via the lens of a 1970s loft is furthered by Stone and videographer Luis Zavaleta. The novelty outfit is only one of the many, and frequently sinister sides of Hollywood depicted in the video. The bondage costume is another example of Pretty Ridiculous’ penchant for pushing the boundaries.

The song, “Hollywood Lies” along with the music video that goes with it, is King of Nightmare Pop Pretty Ridiculous’ fifth release in the past year.

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