Echoes Of Emotion: Midwave Breaks’ “Standing Inside Out” EP

Set in New Zealand’s scenic regions, Midwave Breaks becomes a force to be reckoned with in the alternative rock scene. The band, made up of two passionate musicians, has a journey that is just as interesting as their music. Midwave Breaks creates a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and energizing by skillfully fusing elements of 80s and 90s alternative rock/pop with a contemporary twist, drawing influence from the sounds of their childhood.

New Zealand rock duo Midwave Breaks gained notoriety in 2021 after winning over listeners’ hearts and minds with their infectious energy and undeniable talent. Their debut track, “Lemonade Hand Grenade,” went on to become a nationwide hit and spent more than 12 weeks in the Top 5 of the charts. The New Zealand Rock Airplay Chart peaked at number two for “Souvenirs,” one of Midwave Breaks’ later releases, cemented their position as a rising star in the industry.

Midwave Breaks is a group of musicians who are passionate about the creative process and put a lot of raw emotion and reflection into each of their works. prominent musicians like Springsteen and Petty as well as modern icons like Cornell and Vedder have influenced the band. Because of this, their music evokes strong emotions in listeners, including longing and nostalgia. Midwave Breaks is dedicated to pushing limits and discovering new sonic lands as they develop and expand. The band takes listeners on a journey into the depths of human emotion with their latest EP, “Standing Inside Out,” fusing together rich melodies and poignant lyrics that stay long after the music stops.


Experience a world where innovation and nostalgia mix, where raw passion and electrifying intensity meet – welcome to “Standing Inside Out,” the newest release from Midwave Breaks, based in New Zealand. This EP, which was released on March 8th, 2024, is a monument to the band’s development and growth, demonstrating its capacity to create captivating stories and catchy melodies that connect with listeners all over the world. Midwave Breaks invites you to enter a world of unadulterated emotion and unquestionable energy with “Standing Inside Out,” where every note is a monument to the ability of music to arouse feeling and foster connection. So take a seat back, hit play, and let the waves of sensation and music carry you away.

Standing Inside Out EP Track List:

All She Was:
As I delve into Midwave Breaks’ “All She Was,” the opening track of their EP “Standing Inside Out,” I’m immediately struck by its powerful energy and driving force. The song begins with a serene introduction, featuring the beautiful sounds of the piano and celestial strings of the guitar, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. But it’s the emergence of the lead singer’s voice that truly takes my breath away, as it enters like a whirlwind, filled with precision and finesse, infusing the track with an undeniable vibrance. With the eruption of the resounding drumbeat and the deep, flowing bassline, the song transforms into a rock fiesta that’s both immersive and pleasing to the senses. The synergy of the instruments creates a sonic experience that reverberates through the airwaves, enhanced by the beauty of the backup vocals, making it impossible to resist tapping my feet along to the infectious rhythm.
The way that “All She Was” so masterfully and authentically conveys the concept of nostalgia and desire is what really makes song stand out. The song’s lyrics evoke feelings of longing and nostalgia as they vividly depict a previous love that is still incredibly meaningful. The lines “Into your arms again” and “Just give me one more day” express the narrator’s need to go back in time to treasured memories, and the description of meeting someone “in the tallest tower” highlights the intensity of the bond. Summing up the song’s essence, the chorus “And all she was, was the best thing I ever knew” expresses awe and respect for the individual who had a lasting impact on the narrator’s life. “All She Was” explores the lasting effects of previous relationships and the bittersweet beauty of memories through its moving lyrics and catchy melodies, striking a deep chord with listeners.
All things considered, “All She Was” is a notable song that exemplifies Midwave Breaks’ ability to create upbeat and deeply felt music. It stands out from other compositions because it consistently maintains an enticing beat and a powerful melody, making an effect on listeners that lasts. “All She Was” is a tribute to the band’s ability to create gripping storylines and memorable melodies that stick with you long after the music stops with its enthralling blend of instrumentation and poignant lyrics.

Standing Inside Out:
As I dive into Midwave Breaks’ track “Standing Inside Out,” from their EP of the same name, I’m immediately struck by its energetic and vibrant nature. The song not only shares its title with the EP but embodies its essence, serving as a cornerstone for the overall experience. I can’t help but be drawn in by the engaging guitar rhythm and complex synth interplay that set the tone right away. I lose myself in the soundscape that opens out in front of me as the song’s walls resound with the deep bass and the steady drumming that builds gradually. The vocalist’s voice melds well with the instrumentation, generating sophisticated lyrics that transport me on a musical journey, while the guitar’s steady strumming pattern sends me into a frenzy of excitement.
I’m taken on a trip of spectacular highs and lows throughout the song, yet it never loses its unparalleled vibrancy and vitality, which keeps me interested the entire time. The song’s energy never wavers, even with the subtle changes in instrumentation and style, leaving a lasting impression on my senses. The backtracking of the singer’s voice adds a double impact effect, further enhancing the sonic experience and drawing me deeper into the narrative.
Thematically, “Standing Inside Out” explores concepts of vulnerability, patience, and emotional transparency with a depth and sincerity that is both relatable and poignant. The repetition of “I’m standing inside out” conveys a sense of exposure and openness, hinting at the internal struggles and efforts to maintain composure while navigating the complexities of relationships. The narrator considers many viewpoints and longs for understanding and connection as the lyrics vividly depict self-reflection and contemplation. The song ends with a feeling of relief and contentment, implying that there is comfort in being together even in the face of waiting and uncertainty. “Standing Inside Out” explores the nuances of human emotion with its reflective lyrics and poignant tone, giving listeners a glimpse into the complexity of love and authenticity.


Midwave Breaks’s “Standing Inside Out” is an engrossing EP that cedes the band’s position in the alt-rock landscape. It’s an aural journey that makes an impact because to its catchy tunes, moving words, and flawless orchestration. Fans of nostalgic modern rock should definitely check out this EP. With every listen, the enthralling fusion of soulful lyrics, catchy melodies, and compelling music will leave you wanting more. From the ferocious intensity of “All She Was” to the profound reflection of the album’s title track, “Standing Inside Out,” each song delivers a distinct and deeply moving experience. “Standing Inside Out” will therefore attract you whether you’ve been a longtime lover of alternative rock or you’re just trying to broaden your musical horizons.

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