Exploring Ubu’s Musical Journey: Diving Into The Depths Of The Album “Ubu”

In the vibrant landscape of Italian music, Ubu emerges as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. Born from the creative minds of Marco Trinchillo and Mattia Mercuriali, Ubu transcends traditional boundaries to create a musical experience like no other. Rooted in the bustling city of Rimini, Ubu began as a passion project—a side venture from their acclaimed band Amycanbe. Marco and Mattia dreamed of a place where musicians from all walks of life could come together, swap ideas, and create music that speaks to the heart and soul.


Ubu dropped their album “UBU” on April 28th, 2023. This album is more than just a collection of songs—it’s a tribute to their co-founder, Marco Trinchillo. This album celebrates Marco’s legacy while showcasing UBU’s musical skills. Each track is a testament to the collective spirit of UBU, featuring contributions from a stellar lineup of artists including Hannah Saunders, FRNQ, Nicola Biondi, Pieralberto Valli, Hellis, Cleats, Luca Parma, Emma Perrot, Enzo Moretto, and Francesca Amati. Their diverse talents converge to create a symphony of sound that resonates with the depths of human emotion.

UBU Album Track List:

Hitting play on “Static” by Ubu and Hannah Saunders, the first song of the album “UBU” by Ubu, I got hooked into a world of soothing tunes and catchy beats right away. It all starts with gentle piano notes, feeling like a cozy hug on a chilly day. Those notes set the mood for what’s to come, laying the groundwork for the musical ride ahead. Then, soft synths join in, adding layers of depth and flavor to the music. Their subtle touch gives the song an airy vibe, making me feel light as a feather. As the music keeps going, I’m met with percussion-like drumming, subtle yet strong, just like a heartbeat. Each beat feels purposeful, pushing the song forward with determination. And then, Hannah Saunders’ voice kicks in, clear and pure like a beam of sunlight breaking through the clouds. Her vocals are like a sweet treat, wrapping around the lyrics with passion and depth. It feels like she’s asking me to come along on a journey to learn more about myself and accept who I am.
From the 1:13 mark, the piano takes center stage, weaving intricate melodies that dance and swirl through the air. Its notes are like gentle whispers, carrying the weight of the song’s emotions with grace and poise. Meanwhile, soft guitar strings echo in the background, adding warmth and depth to the composition. As the song hits its peak, between the 2:25 and 2:36 timestamp, a shiver runs down my spine as the soulful sounds of the piano take hold once more. It’s a moment of pure magic, a testament to the song’s ability to extract raw emotion and vulnerability. What makes “Static” special is its simplicity and beauty. The way the piano, soft synths, and subtle percussion blend together creates a captivating backdrop for Hannah Saunders’ lovely voice. From the gentle guitar to the rhythmic drum beats, every part of the music fits together perfectly, wrapping the listener in a bubble of calm and self-reflection.
“Static” by Ubu featuring Hannah Saunders dives deep into themes of shame, acceptance, and redemption. The song’s lyrics tap into emotions like shame and the desire for redemption, delving into the ups and downs of being human. It kicks off with lines like, “I was ashamed and drowning in shame,” laying the groundwork for a tale of self-reflection and openness. The repetition of “I came to believe” highlights the protagonist’s journey towards finding peace, grappling with the idea that acceptance and forgiveness are possible. Each verse carries a weight of longing and desperation, as the protagonist searches for solace and hope in the possibility of redemption. Through its themes, “Static” encourages listeners to confront their own struggles and embrace the power of self-acceptance and forgiveness.

As I delved into the tracks of the album “Ubu,” the second song immediately caught my attention. “Over,” performed by Ubu featuring FRNQ, stands as the lead track of this compelling album, and it’s clear why it holds such a prominent position. The song kicks off with deep bass tones resonating in the background, accompanied by sophisticated synths that add depth to the composition. Around the 19-second mark, the soothing vocals of the male singer emerge, akin to a gentle morning breeze carrying the song’s heartfelt lyrics. From the 0:50 up until the 1:05 timestamp, the singer’s vocals take center stage, blending seamlessly with the strings and calming piano sounds. The song’s dynamic instrumentation, including soft drumming and guitar strings, creates a unique atmosphere that captivated me. At the 2:20 timestamp, a crescendo builds, leading to a dynamic shift at the 2:30 timestamp, solidifying “Over” as the album’s lead single.
“Over” by Ubu featuring FRNQ delves into the poignant realization of losing grip on time and the impending loss of a cherished connection. The heartfelt lyrics, “I can’t deny it’s like I lost the time, I swear I tried cause I’m losing you now,” encapsulate the essence of grappling with regret and resignation in relationships. The protagonist confronts the inevitability of losing a loved one as time slips away, resonating with a deep sense of longing and desperation. Through its thematic essence, “Over” urges listeners to reflect on the fleeting nature of connections and the significance of cherishing precious moments before they fade into memory.
What really stands out about “Over” is how perfectly the music and vocals come together. Every little detail in the song, whether it’s a subtle change or a big shift, is thoughtfully put in place to make the whole experience just right. The way the instruments and singing blend creates a powerful wave of emotion that pulls you right into the heart of the song’s story. “Over” isn’t just a song—it’s a testament to the incredible talent of Ubu and FRNQ. Their ability to create music that resonates so deeply with listeners is truly remarkable.

“Flower” by Ubu featuring Luca Parma blooms as the seventh track in the album “Ubu,” standing out as a testament to the album’s diversity and creative prowess. From the outset, the song greeted me with a modernized hip-hop twist that feels like a glimpse into the future of music. Its unique blend of hip-hop energy with futuristic elements sets it apart as a timeless track that resonates with both innovation and familiarity.
As the song begins, sophisticated synth-piano notes intertwine with deep bass sounds, setting a captivating tone. The introduction of drumming adds a dynamic hip-hop feel, infusing the composition with just the right amount of energy. By the 0:26 timestamp, the guitar enters, beckoning from the shadows of the instrumental arrangement. Then, the soft and gentle male vocals emerge, guiding mr through the lyrical landscape with care and finesse. At 1:35, backup voices join in, creating a heavenly orchestral vibe that enhances the song’s depth. However, it’s the unexpected twist at 3:19 that steals the show – what happened was totally mind-blowing because I never expected to hear a saxophone in this composition, the saxophone gave this song a different and unique feel from when it started, adding a different style of life with the saxophone phrases, it was truly beautiful, truly outstanding and truly exceptional.
“Flower” by Ubu featuring Luca Parma blossoms with themes of love, joy, and admiration, resonating deeply with listeners. Through heartfelt lyrics that speak of profound affection and appreciation, the song paints a vivid picture of the special bond shared between two individuals. The imagery of being called “my princess” evokes feelings of reverence and adoration, casting a warm glow over the listener’s heart. Every line in “Flower” carries a feeling of warmth and care, showing how love can change us for the better. The song celebrates the beauty of connecting with others and reminds us to appreciate the people we care about most. It’s a reminder that love adds meaning and happiness to our lives, making every moment more special.

The final track of any journey holds a special place, and “Lost” featuring Pieralberto Valli, wraps up the album “Ubu” by Ubu with a touch of magic. As the album draws to a close, the melodies of “Lost” linger, imprinting memories on my soul. The opening chords weave a spell of enchantment, blending piano keys with gentle percussion, inviting me into a world of musical exploration. Around 0:25, the beat of old-fashioned drums blends smoothly with the guitar’s tune, creating a mix of sounds that feels both comforting and fresh. The combination of male and female voices adds depth and richness, making the atmosphere magical. As the song progresses from 0:49, it delves into deeper emotions, revealing layers of feeling that stayed with me even after the music had stopped. As the instrumentation takes center stage from 1:32 to 1:54, it becomes a conduit for the song’s hidden messages, enveloping me in its luminous aura. The song crescendos softly yet powerfully, leaving an unforgettable impression and solidifying its place as the album’s poignant finale.
“Lost” ventures into the existential theme of disorientation and uncertainty within the vast expanse of existence. In “Lost,” when they sing “We are lost in space,” it’s like feeling adrift in a big, unknown universe. It’s about feeling small and alone, not sure where you fit in or what it all means. The song makes you think about life’s big questions and how we find our way in a confusing world. “Lost” wants us to look deep inside ourselves and figure out what gives our lives meaning, especially when everything seems uncertain.
Every detail in “Lost” contributes to its exceptional nature, making it the perfect conclusion to the album. The meticulous arrangement of each track reflects Ubu’s care and dedication, ensuring that every note finds its rightful place in the musical narrative. As the final chapter unfolds, “Lost” leaves an indelible impression, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its timeless beauty and contemplate the mysteries of life.

“Ubu” by Ubu isn’t just any album; it’s like a thrilling journey for your ears. With smooth rhythms that soothe your soul and beats that get you grooving, every song in this album is a hidden treasure waiting for you to find. Whether you’re a music pro or just want something fresh to jam to, “Ubu” has what you need. So, why not give it a spin and let the tunes whisk you away on a ride of self-discovery and pure enjoyment? Take my word for it, you’ll be hooked from the first note to the last!.

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