“No, Stopping Us” by Joshua Ketchmark is an incredible acoustic rock song that is heavily influenced by Joshua Ketchmark’s personal life about becoming an adult

Joshua Ketchmark is a Nashville, Tennessee-based passionate singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has been releasing music since 2008. Joshua Ketchmark has also been making Tennessee’s music scene rock for a very long time and has written many songs. He tells stories via songs about his life and times in the past. From performing at large venues in Hollywood and Nashville to starting his own Black Gold Speakeasy studio, Joshua Ketchmark has produced, engineered, and mixed music for other artists.

The fourth single, “No Stopping Us,” is taken from Joshua Ketchmark’s tenth studio album, “Blood,” which was released on January 6, 2023. It is a song about reaching adulthood. The chorus sings, “We were right outside of glory.”

No Stopping Us” has a strong acoustic guitar riff in the style of soft rock that opens the song. Soon the vocals begin, accompanied by soft organ and bass, giving the song a lot of fill. When the drums begin to play with full force and vigor during the chorus, the music becomes more upbeat. The listener is compelled to sing along with the chorus since it is catchy and lovely. Joshua discusses a car that his father gave him and how it changed his life. The line immediately following the bridge is my favorite portion of the song. The voicing and little build-up of the actual riff are absolutely amazing.

As with all of the tracks on “Blood,” “No Stopping Us” was written by Joshua Ketchmark and is heavily influenced by his personal life growing up two and a half hours south of Chicago, Illinois. The bass was played by Ger Hoffman, the organ by Michael Webb (Chris Stapleton, Dave Hause), and the electric guitars by Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Morgan Wade). All of the music and lyrics were written, produced, engineered, and mixed by Joshua Ketchmark. C.C. Wyle provided lovely vocal harmonies, and Zak St. John played drums and added percussion.

The song “No Stopping Us” is ideal and fantastic for road trips with pals—a tune you should fully appreciate and sing along to.

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