The Freight releases their new classic rock single “See Ya”

“See Ya” by The Freight is an amazing new rock tune influenced by Doo-Wop from the 1960s to the 1980s rock, with danceable energy that gathers different styles of rock and roll, it makes you want to sing along with this amazing band.

The Freight is an upbeat fusion of Rock N’ Roll, Blues Rock, Soul, and Jam mixed with a contemporary Modern Rock edge. The Freight embraces every avenue of rock, and they consist of a group of friends from Pembroke, Boston, Massachusetts, who got together to create exciting rock tunes. The members of the band are Adam TiroStephen AndersonGreg TragellisMarc Loverin, and John Marinelli, with each playing a role in the group. Adam Tiro plays the guitar and has amazing vocals. Stephen Anderson and John Marinelli, respectively, work on bass and percussion, with the heartbeat of the band being Marc Loverin, who loves playing the drums. Greg Tragellis plays the keys and matches his soothing vocals with Adam Tiro. Their influences include a wide variety of artists, including; The Stones, Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Cars, The Police, White Denim, The Black Keys, and Gov’t Mule, to name a few. 

Building off of a great 2022, these musicians are preparing to release their first 2023 release, and it sure will be a success. In 2020, The Freight pivoted its focus to the studio, where they have been putting in work to release music regularly this year and beyond. The Freight is firmly establishing itself in the rock n roll world! This new track is a super fun mix of past and present. “See Ya” delivers an intense rock and roll experience filled with classic rock vibes with a modern twist. All aboard The Freight“See Ya” has always been a fan favorite in their live shows, and they are super excited to finally release this studio version. The Freight is back with a new song, and they want to share it with everybody since it’s a really cool tune. This new single from this fantastic band takes everyone who listens back to the ’70s and it is free music that makes you want to sing with them. 

The production, as usual, is splendid—another great song from this talented band. The release date for this intriguing rock number is January 13, 2023. The Freight has created an amazing, fun, and danceable song written by Adam Tiro that gathers different styles of rock and roll and its derivatives. From 60’s Doo-Wop to 80’s Rock, “See Ya” presents a wide variety of influences from the beloved genre and melodies and harmonies that take us back to a whole different era. This tune by the band has been worked on since the beginning and is a good old number. It harkens back to early Aerosmith rockers and has definite ethereal rock vibes with modern touches. “See Ya” is a kick-ass rock tune that brings energy. The Freight is definitely up for an amazing 2023, and we’re glad that you’re here with us to see it. Watch out, here comes The Freight!

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