Kat koan releases her latest alternative rock cover single

The sensual and trippy cover of “Slow” by Kylie Minogue by Kat Koan invites the listener to slow down, savor the moment, and give in to sensual energy. The song’s lyrics and the performer’s strong vocals issue a call to action, asking the listener to pick up on subtleties and hints in body language.

Berlin-based artist Kat Koan has a love for using music and visuals to convey strong emotions; she draws influence from images while working as a TV producer. She was a reporter and editor for Bloomberg News and also subsequently shifted to creating a number of children’s TV series, advertisements, music videos, short films, organizing film exhibitions and screenings, and vocal training, in addition to working as a voice artist in London. While she was an actress, she became a director and discovered a love for sounds and images. She started to create field recordings, short tales, and poems. She then created soundscapes for these narratives to give them life and a greater complexity dimension, which later resulted in an interest in songwriting.

Kat Koan began writing lyrics for other artists in 2017 and chose to start singing in 2018. It was noted that there was a strong emphasis on musical and visual narrative. Dean Hurley, the sound supervisor for David Lynch, heard something in Kat Koan’s electro-clash tracks that piqued his interest after she and Alex Lavery finished producing her debut album “LUSTPRINZIP” in London, and he offered to mix the record. Some of the songs were later used in commercials for companies like Bulgari and Glass Magazine, and they received favorable press coverage. She was inspired and given the motivation to continue composing songs and advance her craft as a result. 

She began working with a Belgian producer and musician in 2020 to create her new album, “COCOON,” which tackles a completely different musical genre and a more mature approach to storytelling. 

Recently, Kat Koan released her psychedelic/rock-style cover of the Kylie Minogue song “Slow” on March 9th, 2023, and since it’s Kylie Minogue, I fell in love with it straight away.

The song “Slow (Cover Single)” sings to the listener’s mind and soul. The song’s voice perfectly conveys the emotions that it is intended to convey, and the lyrics are evocative and strong. It’s difficult not to sway along with the music when the artist sings, “It’s going to be a move of the body, yeah, slow, won’t you dance for me, yeah, slow.” The baseline is particularly noteworthy.

The sensual nature of the song and the artist’s voice make it the ideal vehicle for expressing the meaning of the lyrics. The lyrics change completely when she sings “read my body language” and “come take it down, down, down.” The song serves as a call to action, imploring the listener to slow down, enjoy the moment, read body language cues and nuances, and succumb to the sensual energy that the music embodies.

One of Kylie Minogue’s most seductive tracks was “Slow,” and Kat Koan has maintained those seductive levels while focusing most of our attention on the bassline. Her powerful vocals are painted on a canvas by the extraordinarily large guitar on Interwoven.

Kat Koan explains that she adores Kylie, unquestionably the queen of sparkly hot pants, and that she wanted to take one of her tracks and give it a gritty, psychedelic sound. Thus, that is what she did. The video is a tribute to Berlin and everything that makes it such a vibrant, chaotic haven for individuals with a wild spirit. Megumi Eda and Tish William Wood, two incredibly talented ballet dancers who represent the sense of freedom and liberation Kat Koan was eager to express, are featured in the video, which was shot by Patrick Tichy.

In simple terms, it’s a fantastic cover that enhances the original greatly while also showcasing Kat Koan as a unique artist.

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