Aggressive Soccer Moms releases their seventh remarkable album

Aggressive Soccer Moms’ “QUINT” is a progressive and experimental album that blends jazz, electronica, and lo-fi post-punk. It has nine songs that highlight the band’s distinctive and original style, with intimate lyrics and instrumental passages that make for a delightful and calming listening experience.

Aggressive Soccer Moms’ “QUINT” showcases an underground and experimental sound with inspirations ranging from lo-fi post-punk to electronica, much like a less scathing and more jazzy Killing Joke. In an effort to transcend category boundaries, nine tracks of progressive and experimental music sound unlike anything else. The group’s seventh album, “QUINT,” which was released on March 9th, 2023, is the most recent since their debut with “Groucho No.5”, which was released in March 2019.

Stefan Wistrand recently joined the Stockholm-based lo-fi Post-Punk band Aggressive Soccer Moms, which was previously composed of Anders Bergstrom and Thomas Wahlstrom. They blend experimental and electronica in their sound. In addition to these styles, their record “QUINT” has a pleasant jazz vibe to it that makes for a relaxing listening experience. The instrumental parts, which also evoke a feeling of jazz and lounge, are what cause this.

The group is unwavering in sticking with its unique brand of postpunk despite these developments. All the alterations and updates only serve to demonstrate that the band is still exploring the genre and that, despite their advanced age, they never intend to stop improving their music. They add jazz elements to their obstinately repetitive soundscape on this record. Generally speaking, Stefan’s songs are unhurried and “lounge-ish.” The reflective tone is, however, successfully destroyed by Thomas’ vocals and Anders’ guitars. The gang has made something entirely original right there in the joint.

The album includes some well-known songs that were originally available as singles, including “Darling” and “That’s How I Feel.” The trio has recorded a cover song for the first time in their existence, and the new tracks feature a mixture of relaxed and occasionally frantic beats, with a rendition of “Why” by Yoko Ono adding jazz to the blend in the process. Aggressive Soccer Moms mixed some bebop and avant-garde into the mix, whereas Yoko’s composition was a combination of psychedelia and banshee-like screaming. In the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s a thoughtful interpretation of the category.

“QUINT” Track list 

• Silent Revolution (Bergström/Wahlström) 

• I Call Her Happy (Wistrand/Wahlström) 

• That’s How I Feel (Bargström/Wahlström)

• Darling (Bergström/Wahlström)

• Like Columbus (Wistrand/Wahlström)

• The Doppler Effect (Bergström/Wahlström) 

• Why (Yoko Ono)

• Stranger Danger (Bergström/Wahlström)

• Who Would Ask (Wistrand/Wahlström)

The first track on the album, “Silent Revolution,” features a fast-moving but steady electric guitar melody at the beginning. The percussion and instrument blend together perfectly, capturing the listener’s attention right away. As the singer starts to sing, the percussion and vocal performance mesh beautifully. “My revolution is silent,” the singer sings, and “I got the courage to live but no place to be.” He also sings, “Revolution should be afflicted in your terms,” emphasizing the value of uniqueness and self-expression. The artist’s lyrical skill is unmatched.

With its monotonous but angst-filled vocals, low-level beats, rhythmic but depressing guitar, and personal lyrics, “That’s How I Feel” has all the moody, annoying feel that comes with the genre, but with a very original spin. The addition of the saxophone on this track, played by the band’s newest member Stefan, gives the song a decidedly jazzy vibe, adding an entirely new level to the group’s sound and the genre as a whole.

“Darling” is a quick-paced, upbeat tune. Again, trumpet adds a fresh perspective. The vocals are as fierce as always, and for the first time ever in a Aggressive Soccer Mom composition, a guitar solo is present. The frantic arrangement and blitzkrieg tempo of “Darling” will hook you and keep you interested while providing an exhilarating musical experience. This tune is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys fast-paced, punk-inspired rock and roll.

The electric guitar riffs in the song “Stranger Danger” get crazier and funnier to listen to. This time, the trumpet is added as an overlay instrument, making this track beautiful and unique from the others. The artist immediately enters with his prowess as a lyricist. The fast-moving instrument will undoubtedly get the audience dancing in no time. The artist sings, “I spoke to a stranger; it went well,” and “I don’t draw strangers; you have to be my friend.” This musician is unique because of the authenticity and originality of his voice, to which he doesn’t add any effects or overdubs. This song ranks among the album’s best ones in terms of enjoyment.

“Who Would Ask” is the final song on this amazing album. This song’s saxophone playing is aggressive, and the slower, steady percussion creates an amazing outro mode for this rocky and blissful album. On this song, the singer sings more fervently, posing the questions “Are you lonely now?” and “I learned to love.” The final song is so amazing and passionate that it makes a deep impression on the listener. The song ends with the artist singing, “When clouds cover the sun, I still remember the light,” which inspires hope and optimism in the listener.

Both slower, more melodic, and more laid-back tracks exist alongside faster, more energizing ones. Each piece of music has its own unique style and experimental vision. I’ve grown to like “Who Would Ask” and “Like Columbus,” which features some of the album’s chillest music. But there’s also a lot of energy in songs like “The Doppler Effect” and “Darling.”

The record as a whole is an incredible fusion of delicate and lovely Sax melodies with jarring vocals and guitars. For anyone looking for a brand-new vibe, this is a must-listen.

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