“Human Remains” is a fierce and cinematic song that delves into the darkness within humanity, portraying themes of greed, lust, and pettiness. It showcases a bolder and more aggressive musical approach while delivering a compelling message urging listeners to open their minds and reflect on the destructive nature of human actions.

On July 7th, the independent artist Nobody’s Wolf Child released her latest single, “Human Remains,” much to the anticipation of her fans. This track comes as a triumphant return after the success of her highly acclaimed Hexalogy of work, which has garnered her tens of thousands of fans worldwide and established her as a prominent figure in the Epicore, Industrial Pop, and Dresden Indie music scenes.

In “Human Remains,” Nobody’s Wolf Child deviates from her previous cinematic and atmospheric style, opting for a bolder and more aggressive approach. The song explores hard-hitting soundscapes, appealing to fans of industrial, dark wave, and hard rock genres while maintaining her distinctive sweeping vocals and epic sound.

“Human Remains” is a fierce and cinematic song that portrays the inherent darkness within humanity, showcasing themes of greed, lust, and pettiness. The powerful vocals deliver a compelling message, urging listeners to open their minds. The electrifying guitar work adds to the thrilling experience, with its intense shrieks and growls, painting a vivid picture of the gloomy landscape inhabited by humanity. The combination of vocals and guitar work creates an emotive and chilling atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact.

“Human Remains” marks the debut of the Wolf Comanche, one of the nine wolves accompanying the Wolf Child in the shadows. Symbolizing stoic wisdom and justice, the track portrays a sense of observation and dismay as the Wolf Comanche witnesses humanity entangled in its internal conflicts. The song compares humanity to a disturbed and maddened wolf inflicting harm upon itself, blinded to the truth and deaf to its own destruction. Through this portrayal, the Wolf Comanche embodies a figure of wisdom and justice, reflecting on humanity’s struggles and turmoil.

Nobody’s Wolf Child’s latest record paints a haunting portrait of a lost and rootless society seeking solace amidst a world consumed by greed, lust, and self-hate. Through a relentless war of words, their dreams and passions become twisted, leading to a dark undercurrent of hatred. The artist’s unique blend of musical prowess and thought-provoking storytelling continues to push the genre’s boundaries, captivating audiences.

The music video, created with the assistance of AI, complements the single’s narrative. Dark and evocative imagery portrays the destructive nature of words, with gloomy scenes depicting the impact of harmful language. The video emphasizes the idea of human remains, symbolizing ordinary individuals trapped in a realm of destruction caused by those driven by their own greed and inability to see beyond themselves.

“Human Remains” marks a significant evolution in Nobody’s Wolf Child’s artistic journey, promising a captivating sensory experience for listeners. In 2023, more records and visuals can be expected from the artist, along with the first public howling ceremony at Fantasy Forest. Additionally, a full-length live recording of a howling ceremony is in the works, set for release in late 2023, followed by a tour in early 2024. Listeners are taken into lush, meticulously made worlds by Nobody’s Wolf Child’s intriguing music and graphics. Don’t miss the chance to listen to “Human Remains” today!

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