The American Hotel System, originating from the vibrant music scene of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a musical band that has been carving its place in the alt-rock realm with a profound dedication to storytelling through music. Having shared stages with Bon Jovi during their 2022 tour and earned accolades as Music Prize finalists and Grand Champions in 2022, this band has left an indelible mark on the alt-rock landscape. Their music, featured in esteemed publications like Relix Magazine, BuzzMusic, CLOUT, and LEVELUP, speaks volumes about their resonance within the music scene.

Their latest EP, “Can You Hear It?” released on November 17th, 2023, is a musical compilation that stands as a testament to the band’s evolution, encapsulating a melodic journey across six tracks that traverse the emotional spectrum of human experiences. Within this EP, the band delves deep into introspective themes, exploring the intricacies of love, loss, and the journey toward personal growth.

Each track acts as a chapter in a poignant narrative, drawing from the band members’ own lives as they grapple with monumental life events such as marriage, parenthood, mental health struggles, and the pain of losing cherished individuals. Frontman Jacob Betts shares that this record is about seeking meaning amidst the echoes of their souls.

Can You Hear It EP Track List:

Can You Hear It?:
The opening track, “Can You Hear It?”, serves as a captivating entry point into The American Hotel System’s EP journey. This title track stands tall as a testament to the band’s ability to fuse emotional depth with pulsating instrumentals. As the sonic bridge to their anthemic single “Seattle,” it sets the stage, enveloping listeners in a sonic landscape that mirrors the thematic essence of the entire project. From the outset, the track grips the audience with its energetic instrumental composition, immediately commanding attention and paving the way for an immersive musical experience.
The seamless interplay between the vibrant instrumentals and the vocals is a hallmark of this track. It begins with a moderate tone, gradually building in intensity as it approaches the chorus, where the song truly takes flight. The transition into the chorus is a standout moment, marked by a vibrant surge in the vocal performance, accentuating the emotional depth of the lyrics. Throughout this journey within the song, the engaging instrumentals and compelling vocals intertwine, keeping listeners captivated and connected, ensuring an enthralling experience that resonates long after the song concludes.
Can You Hear It?” encapsulates not just a song but a sonic tapestry woven with infectious rhythms and a compelling vocal narrative. It’s an invitation into the band’s world, where emotive lyrics and dynamic instrumentals coalesce, creating an exhilarating track that serves as a fitting introduction to the EP’s thematic exploration of spiritual longing and emotional resonance.

a compelling track nestled within The American Hotel System’s EP, emerges with a deliberate and contemplative guitar melody that sets the initial tone. This introspective beginning, adorned by the vocals maintaining a serene energy, serves as a prelude to the song’s thematic exploration. As the vocals unfurl the song’s first lines, the guitar becomes the harbinger, introducing additional instrumentals that gradually heighten the track’s energy. This careful crescendo of instrumentation mirrors the song’s message about the potency of words, emphasizing their impact in the world.
Within the lyrical canvas of “Fire”, a powerful message unfolds—a poignant reminder of the potency held within words. The line “I’ve heard that pens swing harder than words, So we fight with words in this world” encapsulates the track’s core theme, highlighting the profound influence of language and the battles waged through verbal expression. The synergy between vocals and instrumentals amplifies this message, with the vocals masterfully delivering the lyrical depth while the infectious rhythm of the instrumentals drives the song’s heartfelt message straight to the core.
The collaboration between vocals and instrumentals in “Fire” underscores the band’s ability to craft a sonic landscape that echoes the sentiment of the lyrics. This track isn’t just a musical composition but a poignant narrative about the strength of words and their impact on the human experience. It’s a testament to the band’s artistry, seamlessly blending emotive vocals with a compelling rhythm to deliver a message that resonates deeply within the hearts of its listeners.

Not The End:
“Not The End”,
the poignant conclusion to The American Hotel System’s EP, emerges as a haunting reflection on the profound grief experienced after losing a loved one. As the final track in this emotive musical journey, it stands as a testament to the band’s ability to encapsulate raw emotions within their compositions. This song becomes a vessel of catharsis, delving deep into the depths of sorrow and lamentation.
The song unfolds as a canvas of deep emotions, skillfully portrayed through the vocals that resonate with an unmistakable pain of loss. The rawness and authenticity of the vocal delivery capture the visceral anguish felt when grappling with the departure of a cherished individual. Each note reverberates with a sense of longing and mourning, drawing listeners into the band’s emotional landscape. Complementing this heartfelt vocal narrative, the instrumentals offer an introspective rhythm that not only captures the heart but also harmonizes with the emotional essence of the song. Through the careful composition of the instrumentals, a synergy is forged that elevates the emotional depth, enhancing the listeners’ connection to the song’s core themes.
Not The End” isn’t just a track; it’s a profound exploration of the complexities of grief and the enduring ache of loss. Within its melodic embrace lies a testament to the band’s ability to transcend mere music and channel the depths of human emotions. It’s a moving ode to the enduring memory of a loved one, encapsulated within the evocative vocals and poignant instrumentals that weave together to create a hauntingly beautiful finale to the EP.

The musical prowess of The American Hotel System shines through each track, showcasing infectious rhythms that captivate the senses. From the energetic instrumentals of the opening track “Can You Hear It?” to the introspective instrumental composition in the closing track “Not The End,” every piece is beautifully crafted to evoke a range of emotions, creating an immersive listening experience.

The EP doesn’t merely rely on lyrical prowess; it’s a sonic landscape meticulously crafted to evoke emotions. Each riff, beat, and melody is deliberately woven together, creating a tapestry of sound that immerses the listener in the band’s narrative. The emotional depth isn’t confined solely to the vocals but extends to the instrumental compositions, as evident in the introspective and hauntingly beautiful track “Not the End”, which serves as a poignant closure to the EP.

The beauty of “Can You Hear It?” lies not just in its individual tracks but in the cohesive storytelling that binds them together. The EP is a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft, blending infectious rhythms, beautiful vocals, and carefully crafted compositions to create a captivating musical journey. Don’t miss out on this beautiful release that invites listeners into an emotionally charged and immersive sonic landscape.

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