Originating from the lively meeting point of South Jersey and Delaware County, PA, The Local 12 arises as a group that embodies a sense of friendship and musical discovery. Established in 2018, the group includes Dave Iannucci playing guitar and singing, Dan Ream on keys, guitar, and vocals, Pat Ream handling the bass, and Eric Bailey on drums and vocals. The beginning was a relaxed musical gathering at Eric Bailey’s home, which grew into a creative space where new songs and beloved covers flourished. During 2018 and 2019, The Local 12 focused on perfecting their skills, composing music, organizing, and putting on live shows, before being briefly interrupted by the worldwide pandemic. Nonetheless, the break was simply the beginning of their creative revival, leading to the start of the recording process for their first album, “Abandon“.

Abandon,” released on May 26th, 2023, is a musical creation crafted in Pitman, NJ, at BAILEY’S BLUE-SKY HANGOUT. The production of the album, led by Eric Bailey, and with mixing by Chris Doms and mastering by Anthony Puglisi at SENTRALL Sound, effectively captures the genuine energy of The Local 12’s live shows. Every song in this set of 10 showcases the band’s wide range of musical influences, smoothly combining elements of rock and pop to produce a sound that is both recognizable and wonderfully distinctive.

Abandon Album Track List:

Wave At The Window:
The first song on The Local 12’s album “Abandon,” titled “Wave At The Window,” establishes the beginning of a memorable musical adventure. The minute the music starts, listeners are captivated by a captivating drum rhythm that immediately catches their focus. This rhythmic opening sets the base for the remaining instrumentation to develop, forming an engaging and contagious groove that is irresistible. As the music plays on, it emits a vibe of positivity that evokes memories of classic rock and the warmth of summer. The instrumentation is truly exceptional, with every component adding to a complex and lively composition. The constant drumming forms a stable foundation for the other instruments to expand upon, while the mesmerizing vocal grab attention with its contagious sound.
The bridge in “Wave At The Window” stands out as a groovy section that brings added depth and complexity to the song. As the music plays on, it develops and grows, demonstrating The Local 12’s forward-thinking musical style. At the conclusion of the music, listeners are completely absorbed in a sound environment that is both familiar and groundbreaking, making them excited to discover the rest of the album.
To sum up, “Wave At The Window” serves as a brilliant introduction by The Local 12, demonstrating their ability to create catchy tunes and exciting musical arrangements. This track creates an upbeat atmosphere with a mix of classic rock and progressive elements, setting the tone for an album that is both varied and captivating. Sit down, unwind, and allow the music to engulf you in a wave of sound as you join The Local 12 on this musical adventure.

The Local 12’s album “Abandon” features a poignant departure from its opening number with the track “Godforsaken.” It explores a more profound, introspective realm, characterized by a bluesy undertone laden with melancholy and self-reflection. The verses are filled with intense feelings, creating clear pictures of hopelessness and isolation. The organization of “Godforsaken” exemplifies the skill of holding back. The instrumentation is intentionally understated and simplistic, letting the soulful essence of the track shine through without interruption. This simplicity is not a deficiency but a decision, a room made for the exceptional keyboard skills to be the main focus. The keys seem to communicate as if they have a voice, conveying a story that words cannot express on their own, lifting the track to a transcendent listening experience.
In terms of vocal performance, “Godforsaken” showcases the strength of a soft touch. The vocal performance is gentle, nearly speaking in a hushed tone, welcoming the listener into a vulnerable and sacred realm. This soft method actually enhances the emotional power of the lyrics instead of reducing their impact. The heartfelt singing, combined with the subtle tune, forms a celestial and transcendent ambiance that surrounds the audience. During the entire length of the track, the soft and heartfelt appeal remains consistent, acting as a steady guide for the listener as they journey through the song’s emotional terrain. It is a pathway filled with sadness, yet it provides a brief look at the impressive, creating a lasting impact even after the music ends.

Credit: Photo by Julie Ream
Credit: Photo by Julie Ream

In The Lighthouse:
“In The Lighthouse”
stands out on the album “Abandon” by demonstrating the band’s skill in creating a song that is both an auditory journey and a musical composition. The song starts with a spooky, chilling sound that creates a mysterious atmosphere, drawing listeners into its enigmatic realm. At the 17-second point, the original ambiance quickly changes as a melodic sound emerges, giving the piece a clear sense of direction and intent. At the 24-second point, a structured rhythm enhances the melody, forming a multifaceted and intricate auditory experience that captivates and stimulates the mind.
As “In The Lighthouse” goes on, it reaches a crucial point at the 34-second mark, when the addition of a vibey voice and a strong beat elevates the song’s intensity. The piece becomes lively and engaging, grabbing the listener’s interest with its contagious vitality. The vocal and rhythmic elements mix smoothly, creating an engaging piece that will appeal to lovers of psychedelic and atmospheric music. The track’s depth is enhanced by the band’s adept incorporation of rhythm changes and powerful solos, making it a standout on the album.
The song’s peak is both sudden and impactful. At 2 minutes and 58 seconds, the music abruptly stops and is replaced by the ambient noise of rain. This break generates a feeling of tension and suspense, giving listeners a chance to ponder the journey up to this point. Afterwards, like appearing from the rainfall, a shimmering melody returns, intertwining with the noises of the natural world. The track takes a final turn at the 3:20-minute mark, bringing back the beat to rejuvenate the composition and lead it to a satisfying end. “In The Lighthouse” showcases The Local 12’s skill in composing a track that is both musically impressive and emotionally resonant.

the final song of The Local 12’s album “Abandon,” is a moving anthem that captures the essence of the entire album. Standing out with its poignant lyrics, this slow emotional ballad invites listeners on a deep, introspective journey, tugging at their heartstrings. The organization of the song showcases the band’s musical skill, incorporating fantastic chord progressions that develop and add more complexity throughout the song. The singing in “Stranded” is absolutely stunning. The singer’s voice, labeled as ‘otherworldly,’ conveys a noticeable passion, echoing with a depth of intensity that can be sensed ‘deep inside.’ This pure vocal talent is highlighted through a raw emotional performance.
The music playing in the background of the song is both emotional and heartfelt, moving the listener seamlessly and amplifying the impact of the singing and words. “Stranded” is a moving composition that captures the impactful influence of music. It’s a song that not only ends the album but also stays in the mind, underscoring the idea that music is a universal language that can touch the heart. To sum up, “Stranded” exemplifies The Local 12’s talent and creativity. This song’s emotional lyrics, stirring vocal performance, and moving musical accompaniment showcase the ability of music to deeply resonate with our souls.

The thematic core of the album is the idea of abandonment in various forms, ranging from the end of relationships to the personal abandonment of entrenched beliefs and behaviors. It is a voyage through the emotional terrains that shape and test our human existence. The music is extremely well-crafted, showcasing the band’s skill in composing diverse and dynamic tracks.

Abandon” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a call to explore the diverse aspects of The Local 12’s artistic perspective. It’s an invitation to explore the intense passion burning deep within them, a passion that shines through their music. Therefore, dive into the universe of The Local 12 and allow yourself to be taken on a memorable sonic journey by “Abandon“.

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