Debbie Schippers releases her new astounding R&B EP

The EP “Station Rise” by Debbie Schippers is a potent demonstration of her vocal mastery, songwriting abilities, and support for women. The EP tackles themes of exile, taking action, home, and recognizing the ephemeral aspect of life, giving a new viewpoint in the pop scene. It draws inspiration from classic R&B, grunge, and passionate lyrics.

Debbie Schippers is a true talent who was able to dazzle audiences at a young age. She was 11 when she started creating her own songs and singing in her band, “Fudge.” A year later, she made her first TV appearance alongside Jörg Pilawa on the show “Das Quiz” before landing her big break at the age of 16 on the TV show “The Voice of Germany,” where she finished fourth. Following that, the audience darling moderated a few seasons of the offshoot “The Voice Kids” alongside Thore Schölermann, establishing herself as a presenter.

Debbie Schippers consistently wins hearts and minds with her charm, warm personality, and superb voice, whether she is performing or presenting. She was born in Geilenkirchen and now resides in London, where she writes new songs and released her first EP, “Why Can’t You Love Me,” in 2020.

Following up on previous notable releases like “Sisters and Brothers,” “Why Can’t You Love Me,” and “Bed of Diamonds,” Debbie Schippers released her much-awaited new 4-track EP titled “Station Rise” on March 24th, 2023.

The EP “Station Rise” demonstrates not only Debbie Schippers’ vocal control and songwriting skill but also her femininity and support for women. Debbie Schippers is a young woman with something to say, who isn’t going to hold back and who knows what she wants.

“Station Rise” TRACKLIST: 

· Exile 

· Parlophone 

· Station Rise 

· Out Alive

The soundtrack’s four songs, each of which is a great pop tune in its own right, provide something a little different. This is the pinnacle of pop music, and Debbie Schippers is asserting her authority with a selection that will endure. Any artist would be proud to create “Station Rise” as a body of work.

The EP’s opening track, “Exile,” with its lovely guitar riffs and steady percussion, immediately establishes the mood for the entire album. The track is made even more beautiful by Debbie’s stunning vocal performance, which also captivates the listeners. The song is about feeling like you’re in exile and cut off from the rest of the world. The artist sings about crying a river Nile while working in exile and encourages listeners to claim their glory.

The main tune is the bouncy pop-rock song “Parlophone,” which was written during the COVID lockdowns, when Debbie Schippers was forced to slow down and take stock of her surroundings like many other people. She was motivated to take action by her neighborhood, her street, Station Rise, and the local heroes. 

Debbie Schippers’ sound evolved in the early years of her career as a result of her exposure to musicians like Alicia Keys, Fleetwood Mac, and The Eagles. Her love of classic R&B and grunge, with Alice In Chains vibes permeating every song, especially the lead single and focal track “Parlophone,” served as additional inspiration for this new compilation in addition to these audible influences. The project is held together by the entrancing sonic landscape created by the blending of those classic R&B and grunge styles.

The title track, “Station Rise,” is the name of the street on which Debbie Schippers lived and had her studio. On “Station Rise,” she met everyone associated with the record, including the musicians that play on it as well as the mixer and photographer. It’s her home away from home. It’s flawed and messy, but so inspiring and full of love. It’s a genre-bending, honest, sad, and sentimental record and a love letter to South London.

“Out Alive” is the name of the EP’s last song. This slow, heartfelt song is the ideal way to end the EP. The artist gives numerous vocal performances throughout the song, including numerous choruses. Debbie sings, “I know that you know that we won’t make it out alive,” about the certainty of death. The message of the song is to appreciate each and every moment we have and live life to the fullest.

Debbie Schippers is young, dynamic, and gives a fresh perspective to the pop landscape with her thoughtful lyrics and seductive melodies that draw the listener in and present a distinctive vision.

In short, “Station Rise” shows that Debbie Schippers is still brimming with exciting new ideas to explore. With such a firm and confident attitude to her sound throughout, she is definitely one to keep an eye on in the months ahead.

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