Franc O’cher’s “Stars At Night” is about his passionate affections for someone he met and couldn’t get out of his mind. With strong lyrics and well-structured music, the indie pop-folk track conveys the intensity and passion of his experience.

Franc O’cher created history in 2000 when he had numerous essays published in the Echo Vedette editorial. The French-Canadian singer-songwriter who sings in English was recognized as an important discovery at the time. This is an artist who weaves music that is soaked in emotions and holds an ecstatic vibe every time. This is also unquestionably an artist who deserves to be discovered by the general public. Give him a listen; if you’re a hopeless romantic like myself, you’ll enjoy his songs. His career contains a diverse range of music that is both profound and full of calm emotions.

 Franc O'cher
Franc O’cher

He returned to the industry in 2022 with a new single, “SO,” after leaving the scene in October 2000 for personal reasons. Franc O’cher begins 2023 with another release, “Stars At Night,” released on March 3rd, which is an indie soft pop/rock tune.

Franc O’cher wrote “Stars At Night” after meeting someone and being unable to get them out of his brain. The song is an indie pop-folk track carried away by Franc’s guitar, supported by a piano and a rhythm section that understands how to stay understated. But the star is the vocal, somewhat high and slightly grainy, which releases all the energy this song requires to transmit emotion and passion.

The tune features some incredible vocals that convey intense feelings that are difficult to express in words. The instrumentation is brilliantly done and intricately supports the track’s feel. The drums are powerful, and the guitars are so well-structured that they serve as the track’s backbone. The artist’s unique sense of musicality will seep into your flesh and touch the innermost strings of your heart. This is a track that will undoubtedly elicit strong feelings in your heart, and surely this track will be added to my personal playlist.

Overall, this is fantastic music; the tune has the sensation of a cold, peaceful December wind. You should definitely listen to this song.

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