Proklaim release his new hiphop/trap Single “Priceless”

“Priceless” by Proklaim is a track that radiates positivity and inspiration, showcasing the artist’s incredible talent in blending hard rap and melodic singing and expressing hope and dreams. The song is a lyrical masterpiece produced with an uplifting melody, an introspective chorus, and hard bars in a Neo-Trap style that is sure to uplift and inspire the listener.

Proklaim, a Namibian artist, is known for his passion, intelligence, and attention to detail in his work. He is a trailblazer in combining innovative, high-energy production with genuine, meaningful lyrics, similar to the style of 2pac. His music is often message-driven and has a captivating and powerful sound. He seamlessly blends reggae, soul, and authentic hip-hop, creating a unique and versatile style. Proklaim has been in the music industry since 2011, primarily as a rapper and songwriter, occasionally incorporating guitar into his performances.

Proklaim, a writer known for quoting musicians such as Lauryn Hill, Nas, Tupac, Big Punisher, and Bob Marley, initially struggled with writing raps but has since developed a passion for it and now writes almost daily. He even made an appearance in the Kingz music video on MTV Base.

 Ravianus Shambeni
Ravianus Shambeni

The amazing single “Priceless” by Proklaim was released on December 25th, 2022, and I have to say that it is a nice, laid-back rap, yet melodic track, that just makes you fall in love with the artist and his music. The perfect balance of hard rap and lyrical singing is one aspect of this song that I absolutely adore. Proklaim is very talented, and the rap is fantastic. The more lyrical choruses, on the other hand, provide a welcome diversion from the rap and prime you for the following verse. The rap verses have a perfect, quick, punchy, and clever flow. The speed and execution of flow are similar between Proklaim and Kendrick, but Proklaim’s ability to switch between flows from track to track sets his artistry apart from Kendrick’s.

Ravianus Shambeni

A rare and mellow Neo-Trap style, “Priceless” is a lyrical masterclass that sounds like a seashell in the sand. Lyrically, it is a proclamation that expresses Proklaim’s hopes and dreams. This song’s production features a lyrically introspective chorus, hard bars, and a production with an uplifting melody. Although the musical direction of his song leans more toward modernity with trap sensibilities, the artist’s personal ethos is to speak from the heart without considering trends. We’ll need to sit down and put on our headphones, as usual, to fully appreciate the experience and that intense beat.

It’s undeniable that Proklaim is a musician who merits more recognition, and we ought to be asking when his next song will be released rather than who Proklaim is!

Go ahead and give “Priceless” a quick listen; it is currently available on many music streaming services.

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