Love Ghost Release Their Rock EP “Tales of a Sad Boy” ft Big Boss

“Tales of A Sad Boy” is an EP by Love Ghost that showcases a range of sounds and styles, emphasizes lyricism and imagery, and pays tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. I highly recommend it for those who enjoy emotional and powerful music.

Love Ghost finally releases their long-awaited EP. It is easy to understand why Love Ghost has been receiving consistent praise from the industry’s most prestigious publications thanks to a collaboration with the Emo rapper Big Boss Mulaa, who is based in New York, and production from Mike Summers, who has worked with Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar on his resume.

Being exposed to new music every day is thrilling, but it can also cause ennui as everything starts to sound alike. It takes real talent, in my opinion, to differentiate yourself from the competition, and Love Ghost has a ton of it. The US-based pop-punk band Love Ghost is constantly bouncing around my cerebellum, making sure I never forget their name, from their single “Outer Space” to their most recent EP “Tales of a Sad Boy,” which was released on January 13th, 2023.

The EP “Tales of A Sad Boy” is Love Ghost’s third release with Cleopatra Records. Finnegan Bell, Daniel Alcala, Cory Batchler, and Daniel Gallardo are the members of Love Ghost. There are four songs in all on the EP, and while they incorporate a wide range of sounds, styles, and genres, they heavily emphasize lyricism with vivid and imagery-rich imagery. As a band, they focus on pop punk to some extent, but as you connect the dots between their lyrics and the overall tone of these hard-hitting tracks, the emo side of things undoubtedly emerges.

This Los Angeles-based band, which takes cues from Linkin Park and pays a respectful, tasteful homage to the late Chester Bennington through the over-the-top vocal performances of its frontman Finnegan Bell and hyped-up, electrifying instrumentals from the rest of the band, is a powerhouse of modern alt-rock. The quality and standard to which “Tales of A Sad Boy,”  a 4-part EP with an accompanying video, have been produced are simply sublime. The 4 cuts‘ mainstays are a totally epic production, energizing environments, distinctive words, and memorable, potent melodies.

With its trap beat and grungy rock vocals, “Heartless,” the EP’s opening track, establishes the EP’s mood. The music is perfectly crafted, with the bass giving the track depth and weight and the guitar listing slowly in the background. The story of heartbreak and anxiety is relatable and interesting thanks to Love Ghost‘s heartfelt lyricism and emotive singing style. The listener is hooked until the very end thanks to the subtly dissonant chord changes and the seamless verse changes.

Lethargic,” the EP’s second song, perfectly expresses what it’s like to feel stuck in this particular phase of life. It slows things down with its mellow guitar progression and prominently placed emotional vocals by Finnegan Bell. A lush soundscape is created by the deep bass and calming synth pads, with silence playing a significant role in the composition. A captivating and hypnotic atmosphere is produced by the memorable guitars and distinctive atmospheric effects. A dense, layered vocal part and a heavy bass line are featured in the final, heaving crescendo of the progression’s ample melancholy. Layers of lush vocals and harmonies are added to the track as it progresses, producing a fantastic mix.

The third song on the EP, “Samurai,” adopts a different style by fusing hard rock with hard trap. This particular song has the rap influence that post-punk rock is known for and is faster and heavier. There is a hint of betrayal in the song. It is about developing into a warrior to fight the mental battles. Love Ghost‘s strong and aggressive vocals add to the track’s overall energy, which is heightened by the energetic hi-hats, punchy 808s, and kicks that are featured in the upbeat track. The song sounds very raw and authentic thanks to their transparency in the lyrics and singing style, which resonates with fans. When you believe you have heard every tone that Love Ghost has to offer, a scream breaks through the darkness. It is vivid, ripping, and loaded with feeling. You are powerless to flee after it strikes you in the heart.

The last song on Love Ghost‘s EP “Tales of a Sad Boy,” “Train Tracks,” brings the EP to a stirring conclusion. This song tells a personal tale of severe trauma and profound empathy. With a chorus that packs a melodic punch, the song has another artfully executed, bleak composition that is transformed into a rich and powerful piece of alt-rock. The song also has a forlorn vibe that is accentuated by the slow tempo and heavy-handed drumming. It begins with an understated beat that establishes the track’s groove and is accompanied by the moving vocals of Finnegan Bell. Bell’s dynamic performance stands out in this song, and his delivery and vocals are strong as usual. The track’s nicely produced electronic elements gave it color and a slightly aggressive feel. Like the other songs on the EP, this one is primarily driven by the guitar.

Tales of a Sad Boy” is a primarily post-punk/pop-punk EP that honors and pays homage to sounds from the late 90s and early 2000s. It’s vibrant, boisterous, rhythmic, and melodic, and it will make you jump up even in the tightest of spaces. You won’t want to miss the EP “Tales of a Sad Boy” by Love Ghost because they got everything right, from the lyrics to the tone, the themes, and the pacing.

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