Karen Harding is set to releases her remarkable indie pop single

“Devil in the Mirror” is an indie-pop song about society’s pressure to be flawless as well as Karen Harding’s message of self-acceptance and self-love, which encourages listeners to smash the mirror and overcome their demon.

Karen Harding, a Melbourne, Australia-based artist, has a vocal range that ranges from ethereal sounds reminiscent of Sarah McLaughlan and Eva Cassidy to the more forceful pop voices of Ella Henderson and Adele. Her music has the power to transport listeners to a fantasy world, with lyrics and melodies that touch on the human experiences and emotions that unite us all. Karen Harding has always loved music, beginning with piano lessons at the age of six, singing lessons at the age of fourteen, and most recently, learning to play the guitar.

Karen Harding has played at many cafes and pubs in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs, Australia, in a variety of solo, duet, and band performances that have contributed to the sound you hear today. Her debut single, “I Didn’t Realize,” released in May 2021, marks the start of a musical and emotional voyage of exploration. She has subsequently pushed the frontiers of creativity by working with a varied spectrum of artists and producers from all over the world.

Karen Harding has worked with Argentinian P&M Records, the Cologne Chamber OrchestraCanadian producer Landao, Melbourne hip-hop artist Serif, and Misia Julia on an exciting project. Her abilities have also been recognized through awards and nominations, such as winning the 2021 Bendigo Bank-sponsored Radio Eastern songwriter talent show, being nominated as a top ten winner for the World Songwriting Awards, and being nominated for Best International Artist at the Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards in February 2022.

Karen Harding reveals a metamorphosis with her upbeat indie-pop single “Devil In The Mirror,” which will be released on March 17th, 2023, breaking away from her previous melancholy ballad releases of 2021 and 2022. “Devil In The Mirror” is a self-written, produced, and recorded tune by Karen Harding, mixed and mastered by Edwin Kraus, that digs into how many individuals feel when they don’t perceive themselves as matching up. The music is a must-listen for its pounding drum rhythms and 80s-style bass lines, as well as an underlying ambiance of bell synth pads and binaural sounds. 

The gorgeous indie pop song “Devil In The Mirror” immediately catches the attention of listeners. The song begins with Karen saying, “I want to know if it was you or just me; there’s a woman staring back at me.” Against a backdrop of piano chords and electronic beats, Karen’s incredible voice, which is both soulful and powerful, carries the song’s melody.

Karen Harding’s lyrics are profound, hitting on society’s continual push to be flawless. The artist clearly wants listeners to realize that simply being themselves is enough, and they finally get the opportunity to break the mirror and defeat their devil. In the song “Devil In The Mirror,” she demonstrates her lyrical skill as she conveys a message of self-acceptance and self-love that strikes a chord with listeners. Particularly strong and memorable is the song’s hook, “There’s a devil in the mirror telling me I’m not good enough, make me feel like a sinner just can’t get rid of this stuff,” and every time it plays, the beat quickens, inspiring listeners to dance along to the lovely narrative.

Karen Harding, like many others, has spent her entire life frightened to put herself in front of a camera or for people to see the real her. Her “Devil” would tell her stories about how she didn’t measure up or didn’t look the way she was meant to. So she wanted to share this song, “Devil in the Mirror,” because she believes we are in the grip of a pandemic, with individuals all over the world reaching for unachievable, unattainable versions of themselves. She wants youngsters to understand that simply being themselves is enough. They finally get the opportunity to break the mirror and defeat their devil.

Karen Harding created the unsettling illustration within the artwork for “Devil In The Mirror” using the power of AI art and then merged it into the final image.

Karen Harding’s brave decision to experiment with a new sound demonstrates her versatility as an artist. “Devil In The Mirror” is a well-produced and well-written song that will definitely appeal to a wide range of listeners. I really like this song and can’t wait to hear more from this wonderful singer.

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