“Walking On Eggshells” is a meticulously composed and performed instrumental album by artist Quinn Sternberg, released in August 2023. The album explores the psyche of modern life through group interplay, presenting eight captivating songs that evoke a range of emotions and take listeners on an introspective and joyful musical journey.

Bassist Quinn Sternberg has been a highly in-demand musician in New Orleans since moving from his native Bloomington, Indiana, in 2016. He participates in a wide range of ensembles and musical genres on both electric and acoustic bass. Quinn’s style of music relies on bass lines that are both useful and supportive while also producing a lot of live energy and creative engagement. Quinn’s influences as a composer come from his childhood in the Midwest, his experience in New Orleans, and modern musical methods. A genre-defying music that is lyrical, funky, and cutting-edge is the end product.

On the heels of his successful 2022 release “Cicada Songs,” bassist and composer Quinn Sternberg presents another stunning set of meticulously composed and performed songs, delving into the psyche of modern life through the phenomenon of group interplay. His latest album, titled “Walking On Eggshells,” was released on August 4th, 2023, and consists of eight mesmerizing instrumental tracks that run for approximately 35 minutes and 7 seconds.

“Walking On Eggshells” album tracklist

• Walking On Eggshells

• Inferiority Complex

• Green Eyed Baby

• Ripple

• Yuri Gagarin

• Meadow’s Murmur

• Melting Clock

• Landline

The album opens with the title track, “Walking On Eggshells,” which captivates listeners from the start. It begins with a soothing piano melody that gradually introduces drums and saxophone, blending the instruments seamlessly to draw the audience deep into the track. The nostalgic feel of the piece is infectious, preparing the listener’s mind and soul for the captivating journey that lies ahead in the rest of the album.

The title track takes on a form reminiscent of a modern rock tune, with a driving beat laid down by the accomplished drummer, Peter Varnado. Sam Taylor’s saxophone enters with a lilting verse melody, leading to a chorus section with fluctuating notes over swiftly descending chords, symbolizing indecision and unease, whether social or otherwise. The section culminates with tenuously placed 7/8 measures, evoking the imagery of eggshells cracking or the subject finally speaking their mind, paving the way for Nahum Zdybel’s evocative guitar solo.

“Green Eyed Baby,” starts at a slow pace with rolling drums, blending with the piano chords and bass lines before switching to a different rhythm that will undoubtedly get heads nodding and smiles beaming. The track, written for Quinn’s significant other, serves as a poignant reminder to appreciate life’s larger picture and to move beyond the trivial details that often cloud our judgment and cause uncertainty.

Quinn Sternberg Band “Yuri Gagarin” Live in Studio

“Yuri Gagarin,” introduces itself with the saxophone setting the stage for other instruments to join in. Sternberg explains that the verse melody’s rhythm conjures images of zero gravity, akin to space travel. The piece evolves into a compelling exploration of the psychology of space travelers, particularly focusing on Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. The drum solo represents the turbulence of the ascent, and the trading solos create a sense of soaring through space, culminating in a mesmerizing drift away into the cosmos.

“Meadow’s Murmur,” exudes cautious optimism from the very beginning, with the bass guitar tugging at the heartstrings and enveloping listeners in its brilliance. The track exemplifies the group interplay that Sternberg seeks, as Quinn’s bass solo seamlessly morphs into Zdybel’s expressive guitar solo, making it hard to distinguish where one ends and the other begins. Saxophonist Sam Taylor adds another layer of group improvisation, further enriching the song’s allure.

Nestled within the final enchanting masterpiece of “Walking On Eggshells” lies the serene piano melody of “Landline,” beckoning listeners into a world of tranquility and introspection. The gentle progression of chords harmonizes seamlessly with the soft drumming, weaving an intricate tapestry of emotions that captivates the mind and soul. This instrumental symphony serves as a fitting conclusion to the album’s captivating journey, leaving listeners filled with contentment and a sense of fulfillment.

Remarkably, “Walking On Eggshells” stands as an entirely instrumental marvel, effortlessly evoking a myriad of emotions and guiding listeners on a profound and joyful voyage. To experience its full splendor, immerse yourself with headphones on and allow the brilliance of the instrumentals to sweep you away. The album’s impeccable production quality, courtesy of Rick Nelson who recorded the album at Marigny Studios, Nathan Feler for mixing, and Nate Wood at Kerseboom Mastering for mastering, ensures each track’s distinct feeling, making every moment of the listening experience an absolute delight

In conclusion, Quinn Sternberg’s compositional genius shines brilliantly throughout the album, aided by the extraordinary skill of the accompanying musicians. From the very first notes to the final chords, “Walking On Eggshells” embarks on an unforgettable odyssey of self-discovery and emotional exploration. Delve into the intricacies of modern life through the enchanting interplay of instruments, and you’ll discover a musical gem that transcends boundaries and resonates with the very essence of human experience. Do not miss the opportunity to lose yourself in this enthralling auditory journey.

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