Jewelia is back with her latest Folk-pop tune “The Best We Can”

“The Best We Can” by Jewelia is a beautiful heartfelt song with dreamy soundscapes that expresses Jewelia’s happy childhood recollection and adult endeavors 

Jewelia, a London-based songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, creates her own brand of pop that is defined by her distinct vocals, lyrical charisma, and memorable melodies. Jewelia’s self-produced music has been well received by fans, with over 1.2 million views on her YouTube channel and a steady 20,000 monthly listeners over the last few years. She is known for her indie pop ballads with rich soundscapes and poignant lyrics. With her songs’ ever-enchanting musicality, she has easily gained a fanbase of listeners who appreciate authentic indie music. Jewelia’s art speaks for itself, and her ingenuity as an artist is evident once you enter the fantastical world she creates through her songs.

Jewelia began singing when she was a little child, and she has always found making music fascinating. She enjoys experimenting with many pop music genres while still retaining her unique style in each song. With every new album, Jewelia continues to gain more followers and expand her internet presence. Additionally, she has been highlighted on the editorial Spotify playlists Chill Pop Hits and New Music Friday Romania. Previous supporters include CLOUT, Loud Women, Charlie Ashcroft of Amazing Radio, Leo Ulph of BBC Radio Kent, and Abbie McCarthy of BBC Introducing. Jewelia provides an uplifting message at the conclusion of a challenging year while considering lifelong memories and accomplishments. Her distinctive sound has been compared to Björk and Kate Bush.

Andy Denyer
Andy Denyer

Jewelia’s most recent release is a song called “The Best We Can,” which was released on December 16th, 2022. It combines elements of nostalgia, euphoria, and emotion. The song has an innate ability to put you in a state of zen as soon as it is played. Everything becomes rather enjoyable with calming and rich acoustic tunes and deeply meaningful lyrics, and you would want to just surrender to the bliss of this song. Even though there are many parts that captivate the listener, Jewelia‘s vocals have a completely different effect on the listener due to how soothing and artistic they sound. They are exquisitely subtle and would compel you to play the song repeatedly. You would fall in love with the song’s words, which are deep and heartfelt, and the way it develops into something lovely and enthralling.

In Jewelia’s charming folk song “The Best We Can,” Jewelia expresses happy childhood recollections and adult endeavors, combining distinctive vocals with a cozy acoustic backing. The song is a melancholy ballad that transports the listener to a dreamy place. This song makes you fall in love with Jewelia thanks to its comforting soundscapes. It has mellow musical inclinations toward the bridge and gradual auditory declines that let the listener feel at rest. The wonderful lyricism and singing of Jewelia are matched by the calming guitar strumming. It’s simple to fall in love with “The Best We Can” as a song.

What can I, therefore, say about “The Best We Can“? Actually, Jewelia’s achievement is merely another example of her skill. I only have one complaint: It’s far too brief! I urge you to give this song a try, and I can’t wait to hear more from Jewelia in 2023.

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