Tabi Kate releases her new commercial pop single “Empty Pillow”

“Empty Pillow” by Tabi Kate, themes of self-love and understanding explode from its comfortable embrace, reminding listeners that they must seek out healthy connections.

The band “Tabi Kate” is a collaborative project between Tabi Kate and Taegan Venner. Despite performing at gigs with a live band, Tabi Kate wanted to work on a solo project because the band’s performances really enhanced her own. The members of the band are as follows: Tabi Kat is a vocalist and songwriter; Taegan Venner is a guitarist, producer, and musical arranger; William Baker is a bassist and songwriter; Johannes Eftring is a guitarist; and Edward Cole is a drummer. They met as bimm students and friends at university, and the band’s influences include The 1975, Paramore, and Japanese house. They’ve performed at Brighton’s Green Door Store and other smaller pub venues, and Tabi Kate was featured on BBC Introducing Sussex and Surrey last year. 

The latest single, “Empty Pillow,” from Brighton-based pop artist Tabi Kate and her band was released on November 23, 2022. It is a lovely pop tune with heavenly vocal tones and catchy pop melodies. This track, which incorporates dream pop elements, beautiful voices, and captivating melodies, is undoubtedly for fans of “The 1975.”

In March, when the country was under lockdown, Tabi Kate penned “Empty Pillow.” While she was writing the song, she didn’t really have a strategy for where she wanted it to go, instead, she started to construct it around a few small melodies that she had in mind. She knew she wanted this song to have a dreamy, synthesizer-heavy feel while still having a pop aspect from the first lyric on. Her producer, Taegan Venner, didn’t need much time to come up with the tune and all of its components. The track is inspired by music from “The Japanese House” and “The 1975’s.” To record all the voices and complete the tune, they traveled to Pirate Studios in Brighton. The song’s lyrics, written by Tabi Kate, are about a relationship between two people. Someone fantasizes about the ideal partner or relationship, only to realize that it wasn’t all that great and that they would rather be alone than with the wrong person. She hopes that many listeners will be able to identify with these lyrics and find solace in the song.

Empty Pillow” is a progressive track that begins with a soothing electronic vibe before easing into its vocal material. Regarding the vocals, the lyrics speak to the honesty of feelings that come from understanding how you want to feel, even if it is without someone who was once significant to you. This song’s themes of self-love and understanding erupt from its cozy embrace to remind listeners that they must look for relationships that are good for them, and the vocals are skillfully mixed to fill the piece’s empty spaces. The guitar solo hooks listeners, and the transitions are flawless.

In her infectiously electrifying works, Tabi Kate takes the best elements of the pop genre and merges them into memorable songs that capture the listener’s attention and stimulate their creativity. Overall, Tabi Kate and the band have produced a strong track that fans of electronic pop will enjoy.

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