Scot Free Sessions releases their new Acoustic song “Istanbul”

The atmospheric and acoustic song “Istanbul” by Scot Free Sessions explores the artist’s inner journey to discover his soul while seated in an Istanbul pub.

The Scot Free Sessions are a group of artists assembled by Scot Robinson, an Edmonton, Alberta, native, to serve as a vehicle for his songs. Blues, folk, gospel, and country are all incorporated into Americana music. Strong praise has been given to the tracks on the forthcoming debut album, “Edmonton Skyline.”

Scot Free Sessions are one of the few musicians who have been declared a six-time finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC), so the talent here has not gone unnoticed. Scot Free Sessions was a winner and three-time finalist in the global Unsigned Only Music Competition. On November 4th, 2022, Scot Free Sessions has proudly released “Istanbul,” the third song from their upcoming album “Edmonton Skyline.”

The haunting contemporary romance “Istanbul” was written by Scot Robinson and Bobby Cameron. It’s about Stories from America that tarnish a broken heart. A two-time finalist in the “Lyrics only” division of the International Songwriting Competition (ISC). The song is performed by an all-Edmonton ensemble of musicians, featuring Bobby Cameron on lead vocals and guitar, the talented Andrea House on backing vocals, Chad Melchert on drums, and Travis Switzer on bass, both members of the CCMA Hall of Honour.

Istanbul” is an evocative and acoustic ballad, The audio production is great, and the audio mix also sounds professional. The story behind the promotional clip and the lyrics discusses the inner journey of the artist to explore his soul while sitting in a bar in Istanbul. It is an easy-listening tune that fits the mood, belonging to the Folk Blues and Acoustic genre and in the Bruce Springsteen or Leonard Cohen style. The listener who chooses to put on earbuds and follow the storyteller of this track on his or her personal journey will feel nostalgic and lonely during the listening experience.

Istanbul” includes all the essential components of an authentic folk tale, and its slow tempo allows listeners to lose themselves in the song’s wholeness. You should listen to and add this release to your playlist because it was beautifully made.

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