Don’t miss out this season’s hit “Fake A Smile” by Ella Lockert

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A Norwegian pop musician named Ella Lockert (born on January 6, 2005) released her first solo EP, “Confusing,” in 2021, which received favorable feedback. Her song, “Like I’m the New Girl,” made the charts on Amazing Radio (UK and US), was featured on BBC Introducing, and earned her the title of artist of the month at a Calgary, California, radio station. She was named artist of the year by Master Class Radio, CA, thanks in part to the success of the tune “Blacklisted,” which was featured on NRK MP3.

At the age of seven, Ella Lockert joined the children’s choir of The Norwegian Opera, and at the age of twelve, she advanced to the finals of a national songwriting competition for young people.

Ella made her stage debut at MGPjr 2017 with the song “Pop Drop Dab,” which has received over 1.3 million Spotify listens as of this year, 2022.

The duo Ella & Magnus was founded by her and Magnus Winjum in 2018. The group performed on Allsang p Grensen and the BLIME Show, among other shows, and they recorded 12 singles. while filling out the female half of a youthful combo for a few years.

Ella Lockert grew up with a passion for the stage and music. She was in the youth series VGS on NRK and played Tone, the carpenter’s child, in the classic Norwegian film Snekker Andersen og Santa Claus when she was just five years old. She was also in Spektrum as a five-year-old and was the smallest elf in Putti Plutti Pott.

"Fake A Smile" by Ella Lockert : Photo Credits Lockertsville
“Fake A Smile” by Ella Lockert : Photo Credits Lockertsville

You could listen to her music continuously and never get bored. She is one of those performers that can transport you over the Empire State Building as well as below it with equal force. You will be amazed by the incredible ingenuity with which she experiments with her tracks. She stands out from the competition due to her captivating vocals.

The newcomer from Norway, who has a powerful and alluring voice quality well beyond her years, is the most recent to join the expanding tide of female pop musicians. Lockert uses her skills to lead a radio-ready hit on her most recent track, “Excuses.” –Dusty Organ.

"Fake A Smile" by Ella Lockert : Photo Credits Lockertsville
“Fake A Smile” by Ella Lockert : Photo Credits Lockertsville

EXCUSES is a gorgeous, multi-layered pop song where the sound accentuates the conflict in the lyrics. «Expressive, passionate vocal performance that soars effortlessly over an alluring arrangement filled with emotive piano chords…» beautifully coupled with an infectious groove and fairly anthemic chorus»

Her unique writing skills are positively astounding! Her discography is the ideal example of her ability to write incredibly original songs.

Ella Lockert, despite being only 17 years old, has been playing music for a while. She released her single “Fake Smile” on October 28th of this year. She has also been very active in her music studies and in her acting role in a new TV series that will air on national television in November this year.

A fantastic mood enhancer, FAKE A SMILE is a 90s-inspired punk-laced pop song. The complete bittersweet feeling of the story is conveyed through the buildup of the drums, the distorted bass, the grinding wheels, and the melodic and forced sardonic laughter. A cheater will not cheat, the heart wants to believe. Because you are involved this time, it is different.

She did such a fantastic job writing the song. Every phrase in the song feels like it was put there on purpose. It seems like something was taken straight out of a dream as she utilized her laugh as a drop. You are swayed by her heartfelt vocals like you are under some sort of mystical enchantment.

"Fake A Smile" by Ella Lockert : Photo Credits Lockertsville
“Fake A Smile” by Ella Lockert : Photo Credits Lockertsville

The music features some mind-blowing basslines that are just incredible. This song will undoubtedly make you want to dance, jump, and party.

“Extremely catchy music that reminds me of Julie Bergan from Norway and Swedish artist NEIKED,” says Scandipop UK. With her new song, “With a hook that stays like gum beneath your shoe,” Norwegian Ella Lockert manages to uplift and empower us. Sweden’s pop music.

Ella Lockert is a rising star!

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