Music Entertainment “FIRE” a debut single by Australia’s talented singer Zoe

“FIRE” a debut single by Australia’s talented singer Zoe

24 November 2022

“Fire,” a music that portrays the depth of intimacy we share, by Zoe 

The debut track from up-and-coming Australian singer-songwriter Zoe is called “Fire.” The new song recalls a pivotal period in the artist’s life when she traveled around Australia researching and perfecting her artistic process. The epic song Fire combines cinematic indie-pop with a modern edge and a vivid, felt warmth.

Artist Zoe has chosen to go down a less common route. She has walked to the beat of a different drum over years of experimentation, forging a distinctive sound and aesthetic while building momentum and devoted connections over time. 

The world as it is and as it may be is explored in Zoe’s songs, and Zoe’s concert will transport you anywhere your heart wants to go thanks to its emotive instrumentation and distinctive vocal delivery.


With a beautiful orchestral backdrop, a somber lyric, and an intriguing, soulful delivery, Fire, the latest single from Zoe’s upcoming debut EP “Sun,” is guaranteed to gain widespread attention and spark radio and streaming activity throughout the world.

The song talks about fire as the essence of mankind, our inner energy, according to Zoe regarding her brand-new single. People have always congregated around the fire. “Fire,”  therefore, becomes a method of saying where we are genuinely recognized. 

“I know all that you are and You know we’re made of the same star” 

“I know all you are inside and you know” 

“That we’re made of the same fire” 

“We’re made of the same fire” 

“We’re made of the same fire.”

These lyrics portray the depth of intimacy that we all share, the warmth from which we were born, and the fire that is our true nature.

Additionally, it discusses finding a place to call home in one another before moving on to discuss the room that remains for growth when all other options (external) have been exhausted. It’s a song that sort of encourages you to get over all the BS and consumerism before asking, “What’s left now?” What matters the most? What the song is truly getting at is the solution to those questions.

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