SAGE SUEDE drops his New Astounding and Captivating album

“Discover the electrifying world of SAGE SUEDE, the groundbreaking artist from Austin, Texas, who is redefining electronic music fusions. In his latest album, “Dirty Blonde,” he takes you on a mesmerizing sonic journey through diverse collaborations, captivating storytelling, and a pulsating blend of genres that will leave you craving more.”

In the vibrant musical landscape of Austin, Texas, a preeminent pioneer of electronic music fusion emerges as a captivating force. SAGE SUEDE, a multi-talented artist known for his prowess in music production, art direction, and multilingual songwriting, has etched his name onto the global stage through his unique blend of music and modeling. With an impressive track record of performances across the United States, SAGE SUEDE introduces a new dimension to his artistry with the release of his album, “Dirty Blonde,” on July 7, 2023, in the realm of indie urban fashion. What sets SAGE SUEDE apart is his remarkable ability to create massive musical productions, consistently pushing boundaries and evolving his craft, all without the aid of artist representation.

“Dirty Blonde” is a captivating album that consists of 13 distinct tracks, spanning approximately 39 minutes and 13 seconds. What makes this album stand out is not just the music but the intricate web of connections and stories that lie beneath each track. SAGE SUEDE’s journey in creating this album involved personal connections with talented female vocalists from around the world, resulting in an album that seamlessly blends electro with heavy bass, synths, and exotic vocals. However, “Dirty Blonde” goes beyond the surface, taking listeners on a thought-provoking journey through themes of fashion, romance, and gender.

The album opens with “High,” and it’s a captivating introduction to SAGE SUEDE’s musical world. The track immediately seizes your attention with a thumping bassline and sharp percussion. SAGE SUEDE’s vocals gracefully glide over the instrumentals, creating an atmosphere that’s both hypnotic and entrancing. What sets this track apart is the clever use of pauses, particularly at the 1.27 mark. This momentary pause creates an intriguing sense of anticipation, keeping the listener engaged throughout the song. “High” is not just a song; it’s an immersive sonic experience that sets the tone for the journey ahead.

As the second track on “Dirty Blonde,” “Palm Trees and Scotch” wastes no time in immersing the listener in its electrifying soundscape. The song opens with a burst of energy that’s infectious from the very start. What makes this track truly remarkable is the collaboration with Dazmin D’leon, whose vocals complement SAGE SUEDE’s seamlessly. This synergy allows the listener to delve deeper into the song’s narrative and enjoy a diverse listening experience. To add another layer of visual intrigue, the music video for this track featuring dancer Evita in Venezuela brings the beach, scotch, and neon aesthetics to life in an epic fashion.

“The Best Revenge” introduces a trio of voices to the album, featuring the talents of Honey-B-Sweet and Girlxhighlight. The track opens with an explosion of energy, setting a vibrant and upbeat tone. SAGE SUEDE’s ability to curate harmonious collaborations shines through in this song. The trio’s vocals blend effortlessly, creating a dynamic and compelling atmosphere that’s impossible to resist. This track is a testament to the artist’s knack for bringing together diverse voices to craft a unified sonic experience.

Coming in as the longest track on the album at approximately 5 minutes and 49 seconds, “Work From Hoe (WFH)” offers a departure from the previous tracks. The song opens with a melody that carries hints of Indian music, immediately capturing the listener’s attention. SAGE SUEDE’s lyrical prowess takes center stage here as he weaves tales of parties, exes, and undercover escapades. The catchy lines like “Drink on my hands and I keep the party lit” and “My ex keeps blowing up my phone” are not only memorable but also add depth to the song’s narrative. With lines such as “You can’t catch me with the cam cover, so I take undercover” and “Tomorrow I will see y’all, it will be fine,” SAGE SUEDE showcases his storytelling ability within the context of a pulsating electro track. “Work From Hoe (WFH)” is a standout track that takes listeners on a musical journey through diverse influences and themes.

Closing out the album is “Corn Chip Thot – Jyme Remix,” a reimagining of the fourth track of the album, “Corn Chip Thot.” This remix transforms the original into a glamorous deep house experience, with notes reminiscent of Madonna’s French electro vibes. Jyme and SAGE SUEDE’s collaboration not only pays homage to Austin’s electro scene but also elevates it to new heights. This remix serves as a fitting conclusion to “Dirty Blonde,” leaving listeners with a sense of completion and a desire to revisit the album from the beginning.

Every track on “Dirty Blonde” is a meticulously crafted masterpiece that offers a unique sonic experience. To fully appreciate the album, it’s best enjoyed from start to finish, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the ever-evolving soundscape SAGE SUEDE has created. The production quality of the album is nothing short of astounding, showcasing the artist’s dedication to delivering a premium musical experience.

In conclusion, SAGE SUEDE’s “Dirty Blonde” is not just an album; it’s a journey through space and time, a sonic exploration of fashion, romance, and gender. With its captivating tracks and diverse collaborations, this album is a testament to SAGE SUEDE’s innovative spirit and musical prowess. As you listen to “Dirty Blonde,” prepare to be hooked from the very first note, and expect to hit that replay button, for it’s an album that keeps on giving with every listen. SAGE SUEDE continues to push the boundaries of electronic music fusions, leaving a lasting mark on the music industry and cementing his place as a true musical juggernaut.

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